Science Friction: Brave Nude World @ Nexus Art Venue, Adelaide 14/3/2023

What do you get when a burlesque troupe takes you on an intergalactic journey to futuristic worlds, old and new? That would be a trippy and wild ride into the stratosphere.

Performers transported us either to a futuristic new world or took us back in time to earth with each act harnessing unique colour palette backdrops accompanied by a range of weird and wonderful music that immersed you in a whacky journey of burlesque fun. One striking example included a trip to what seemed to be the realm of Twin Peaks, nothing but red visuals while a quirky, if not scary grimacing plastic faced character hula hooped their way across stage…definitely a unique experience.

The variety of performers were at a range of different skill levels, which added to the richness and diversity of the show. Some standouts included the invisible man, which was the type of performance I hadn’t seen before, quite literally. There was a robot performance by the award winning, Ambrosious Lee, which was anything but robotic. Always one to include an overtop and camp costume coupled with good humour and of course, some saucy burlesque routines. The final act was a super polished and clever routine by Saskia as The Fly, and if you have ever seen the 1980s movie of the same name, you can imagine how fun that burlesque interpretation would be.

It’s refreshing to see many local performers in a show made, produced, and supported by locals. Trixie Domina and Ambrosious Lee did well pulling together an eclectic cast and I can assure you, even though their Fringe season is over, it’s certainly not the last we’ve seen of these talented producers and performers, keep your eyes peeled.

Fringe Review By James Landseer

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