Comedy For Corporates: Work-life Balance Is For Losers @ The Garage International, Adelaide 15/3/2023

Dressed appropriately in a typical corporate business suit, award winning comedian and self-identified rich, white, corporate sell out, James Clark has a very unassuming demeanour, which sets an equally unsuspecting tone for what you’re in for.

Clark quickly addresses that tone with his cool and relaxed vibe, throwing out some clever observational jokes that confirms you are indeed in for a great show. James is quick to engage with the audience and genuinely too, you can always detect a ‘plant’ a mile away, but the different audience members he engaged with was off the cuff and funny.

The ability to bounce off audience interactions is one of the most essential aspects of being a good comedian, so the way James effortlessly nailed those interactions and cleverly wove other people’s stories relating to his own each time, is a great indicator that he is well on his way to mastering his comedic art form.

Although at times airing on the side of too controversial and/or TMI (too much information), Clark always manages to pull the story or joke back to perfectly encapsulate the humour of the situation.

James makes the show a well-rounded experience by giving a simple yet genuine message about modern-day working life, which essentially is, if you’re not happy in your corporate job (or job period), if it doesn’t bring you joy, guess what, you don’t have to do it, go and do what makes you happy. Which seems obvious, but something I believe we all need to hear more often.

There’s only one more show to go, so finish your Fringe off with some funnies.

Fringe Review By James Landseer

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