Rio 40° @ The Lab at Light ADL @ West Village, Adelaide 11/3/2023

When you think of Brazil you think of Rio de Janeiro and if you’re like me you think of the Peter Allen song I Go to Rio, Well that’s how it started and it set the festive tone for the rest of the show. It was all about the good, the bad and the passions of Rio de Janeiro. It was hot dance moves, rhythmic beats and harsh realities of life in the carnival city.

For the first song the dancers were in football gear showing the staunch passion that sport has on its people. There was hard hip hop dance moves, trumpets blaring like you were at a football match and big blown up plastic soccer balls being thrown into the audience. It really did feel like you were at a smaller intimate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

International choreographer and Rio native Talita Fontainha has created a show that brings together all facets of the big and colourful city; the fun beach party vibes, show girls and happy go lucky tourists as well as the dangers of drug dealers, gang violence and police corruption. She has cleverly interpreted dance routines with storytelling and it has you captivated for the entire hour.

What gives Rio 40° another dynamic element is the interactive audio visuals specially created to suit venue The Lab. The surround wall video screens allow for the footage shot by the creators when they were in Rio earlier this year making it a big screen extravaganza. Throw in some mesmerising physical theatre acts and it has it all!

The show is interactive on so many levels that you’re never bored. It’s a nonstop celebration with flashing lights, thumping beats, sexy Latino dances and a showgirl finale! What more could you want from a show?

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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