Fascinator Announces New Album ‘Lovesongs’ and Shares New Single/Video ‘Love Is Coming’

The enigmatic Fascinator – aka Johnny Mackay of Children Collide – makes his grand solo return with the new single Love Is Coming and announces a new record Lovesongs, out May 5th via Spinning Top.

Featuring production and instrumentation from Loren Humphrey (Florence & The Machine, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys), the arrangements on Love Is Coming are gauzy and organic, signaling a departure from the swirling psychedelia of past projects and ushering in a swooning new era of love and loss.

Speaking on the track, Johnny shares; ‘You’ve wept and wallowed like a salty little sad sack in a morbid puddle of regret for what seems like eternity. Too immersed in a foul cloud of mouldy melancholic gloom with a face like a wet weekend to taste hope. You thought you’d never love or be loved again but here’s a big ol’ golden ray of sunshine dishing giggles and grins and making you feel like yourself for the first time in a long time. An answer to a prayer you forgot you sent. Everything’s going to be ok. Love is coming.’

Speaking on the production, he continues; ‘Musically, we tried to get Frippy with the guitar melodies and the tape making the piano sound all wonky was a happy accident.’

The accompanying video for Love is Coming features a collection of beautiful slow moving vignettes shot in Central Park, NYC, New Jersey and a secret love motel. The video was directed by Lord Fascinator and Promiseland, inspired by Fellini and Wes Anderson, blending fantasy and bohemian composition. The video gives the impression of watching a life in dream sequence unfold through a 60s viewfinder toy. ‘I wanted it to feel like a warm, sad memory of a long forgotten holiday,’ Mackay shares.

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