Montana Sharp Shares New Single ‘Something Wicked’

Something delectable this way comes, with art-pop connoisseur Montana Sharp releasing an emphatic new track Something Wicked; an edgier offering from the innovative Melbourne art-work dynamo following her coming-of-age 2022 debut EP Blood Moon, but one entirely in keeping with the ever-growing powerhouse status Montana commands. Putting a modern spin on the symbolism of wickedness and villainy via the accompanying music video for Something Wicked, this new track from Montana Sharp is an enticing blend of empowerment and soulful temptations.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Evanescence, Paramore, Halestorm and Dorothy, aka Montana’s “hardcore queens of heavy music”, Something Wicked puts a sensuous and heavier spin on Montana’s perpetually slick releases. Self-described as “if hardcore punk-rock took a quick shower”, Something Wicked simultaneously showcases Montana’s robust vocals and clever sonic craftsmanship, while also signposting an exciting new chapter for the Melbourne artist. “Something Wicked plays on the idea that I’m not this sweet “nice girl” as I’ve initially been perceived as,” reveals Montana. “At the time, my writing was somewhat coded and contrived, as if I was afraid to expose my true thoughts and feelings even to myself. My mentor at the time (who also wrote the music to this song) said to me: “for once, I’d like you to stop writing about pretty things and show me something you’re afraid of”, and out I came with a poem inspired by Macbeth: ‘something wicked this way comes’ – a warning that Macbeth is about to become a monster. Something Wicked plays on the fear that we are innately bad in some way, and that if people get a bit too close, we will be exposed for who we truly are. I think we all share that fear to some degree.”

Boasting lyrics by Montana herself, music by Gerald Marko and production, mixing and mastering by Steve Vertigan, Something Wicked also finds Montana teaming up with Zac Harris from Hoodwolf Studios, who has also worked with NERVE, The Boys and GatsbyBoi, to bring to life the vivid and vivacious accompanying music video. “I was really drawn to the symbolism of a cherry as a sexier spin on the poison apple, something that looks enticing but is bad for you,” shares Montana of devising the music video for Something Wicked. “I had a vision of cherries in a bathtub – I’m not sure why! Perhaps I was enticed by the idea of bathing in villainy, embracing the wickedness in myself.”

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