Nathan Cavaleri Releases New Single ‘Querencia’

Nathan Cavaleri has released his brand new single QUERENCIA through ABC Music and commenced his huge run of state-wide performances across Western Australia.

Querencia follows last year’s hypnotic release, Cool Changes. The term Querencia, written from the perspective of the bull, owes its origin to the bull fighting arena – it is a part of the arena claimed by the bull that represents home, refuge and strength. A space and inner state where its power transcends fear. This is therefore the most dangerous time to attack a bull.

Cavaleri explains – “Querencia for humans has many meanings but my favourite has it as an internal state representing home, refuge and strength. A place of peace and power available even amidst chaos. I love this philosophy because it means we’re not at the mercy of our circumstances. That even during the most painful times, we have ability to find peace.

“Research on bullfighting for my song Querencia showed me some interesting parallels between what happens in and out of the arena – The demonisation of those who express fear as anger – Those who raise voices instead of shedding tears – Those who fight instead of flee – Those who digest emotions with silence over words – Those who are hard and not soft. Who decided that these traits were bad? What if I said that underneath that hardness was a soft tender loving heart – that just expresses itself differently.”

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