History Of House @ The Fantail at Gluttony, Adelaide 5/3/2023

Collabs don’t come more epic than this and the Soweto Gospel Choir and Adelaide’s own house god, Groove Terminator aka GT aka Simon Lewicki are true geniuses. The air was electric on Sunday evening in the open-air Fantail. And not just from the recent thunder and lightning storm. By the time the show started, the heavens had fortuitously cleared to make way for a cool breeze. Much needed as the audience immediately got to their feet to dance.

From weekly residencies at the Synagogue and Cargo to a stellar career in Sydney and recent re-imaginings with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, GT is a master of re-invention. Yet reminding us of where this all began means going back to the beats of Detroit techno, disco 70s, and even Studio 54.

Can You Feel It and Freak Out began our history lesson into house music on a Sunday night halfway through the 2023 Adelaide Fringe. Seventee singers from the Soweto Gospel Choir provided deep melodic bass lines and powerfully rounded out the soprano lyrical handbag so vital to the sound of House. Bongo drums heralded a ten-minute track progression through legendary sounds of clubbing days of bygone years – the best few moments of my week. R.E.S.P.E.C.T to “you make me feel (mighty real)” to “can you feel it” to “happy love”, the transitions were seamless and who would have thought a live choir could add so much feeling and substance to a house set!?!

Replete in white pants and t-shirt, GT was front and centre stage on his legendary decks. The choir danced and jived and of course sang around him clearly loving every single moment. A joyous audience lapped up every beat and every melody as we danced and cheered and waved our hands in the air like we just didn’t care.

Taking us on a journey through the latter decades of the last millennium, GT showed that even for us devotees who have attended every new performance in the past few years, that house music remains relevant, vibrant, and a passion for many.

Five brilliant stars for a truly remarkable performance. Shine bright like the music SWG and GT!

Fringe Review By Kim Burley

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