Bad Luck Cabaret @ The Bally at Gluttony, Adelaide 4/3/2023

“A mish mash of some of the weird and wonderful performers offering shows at this years Fringe Festival, Bad Luck Cabaret is the perfect sampler for those who prefer the cynical, obscure and a little bit freaky”

Laurie Black (the creative genius behind ‘Dystopiano’ and Fringe favourite) hosts a variety show featuring different performers every night with a common theme: The world is going to hell so let’s all have a laugh and watch some weird people do weird shit. There was certainly a fair bit of weird shit. From sword swallowing sideshow freak from Penguin Tasmania Samora Squid (Wild Side) to tiny but scary Frankly’s (Scold’s Bridle) musical numbers to daring and buxom Burlesque dancer Kitty Obsidian (Smashed- The Brunch Party) getting their gear off, it was a riot of a show and authentic Fringe frivolity and Cabaret chaos.

Opening the show with some musical numbers in her very glamorous home-made hi-vis show girl outfit, Laurie Black sings and dances to her special brand of political electronic cabaret tunes covering some very important issues such as cats on the internet and impending doom. Resembling a cyber-goth version of Lily Allen, she is as quirky and energetic as her songs, and demonstrates impeccable rhythm in her routine and improvised banter with the audience. Samora Squid gives us a demonstration of his sword swallowing, which is unnerving especially since the show is named Bad Luck Cabaret but manages to survive and make us all chuckle and squirm at the same time.

For me, the highlight of the show is Frankly who comes on stage with her keyboard and plays a hilarious and cringy song about her ex boyfriend and her ‘Daddy Issues’ followed by an even more cringy song about waxing the body hair off her parents and using the ordeal as a grade five oral presentation topic. Lastly we are graced with a burlesque dance from Kitty Obsidian to Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, with sparkly red lingerie glistening in the spotlight.

Fun, entertaining and a bit frightening, Bad Luck Cabaret is exactly what the Fringe is about. I was belly laughing the entire way through and enjoyed every minute along with the rest of the audience who took every opportunity to participate and interact with the performers.

Fringe Review By Bec Scheucher

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