Sal @ Main Stage at ARTHUR ARTBAR, Adelaide 9/3/2023

Sal is like a live episode of an animated comic book. Nat Harris has created a fireball middle aged retiree that you can easily find in any affluent suburban neighbourhood. It’s a sketch comedy show with different stories, each one that connects the characters, giving you more insight into the hectic life of Sal. She’s organising a party for her husband Mark’s 60th birthday and there’s just so much to do!

Before we were introduced to Sal, the prelude was a sketch about a City of Burnside Customer Service Trainer giving us all the training on how to handle calls especially from people like Sal. Using the audience as staff can be unpredictable but this is where Harris shines. Spontaneous banter with the audience brought out the best of her comedic talent giving us the biggest laughs.

The characters are big and bold and it’s hard not to laugh at and adore their idiosyncrasies. Whether it’s the Training Officer, Owen the Personal Trainer or main character Sal, the attention to character detail is what made the show standout. From the voices, mannerisms and accuracy of each colourful personality you feel like you know these people intimately or at least know someone like them in real life.

Harris has developed a lovable annoying character. Sal is like real life on steroids, an endearing controlling wife and mother but with a heart in the right place…her place!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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