Hard Quiz @ The Boboli at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 23/2/2023

Tom Gleeson has presented Hard Quiz on the ABC for eight seasons. Last year he toured the live version of it around the country and thankfully the Adelaide Fringe gets a run of this very funny show in 2023.

Tom kicked off the event with a short stand-up piece and he hilariously described how Hard Quiz is the only Australian TV Quiz that would work on the road and then started slagging off his competition (like Hot Seat and The Chase). 

He then convinces four of the audience members to join him on stage for the quiz and tells us that if we ever wanted to go on Hard Quiz but did not wish to make a fool of ourselves on national TV then now is our time to shine.

The four topics are Star Wars, Aussie Reality TV, Flags and Taylor Swift. I do not think the topics change so if you intend going just study your favourite topic of these 4 and be prepared to jump up when Tom calls for volunteers.

The initial interaction with the four audience members on stage was an incredible display of Tom’s improv skills. Although the formula would be similar each night when he “roasts” each contestant you know he is just reacting to what they have told him about their lives.

Tom is one of the acts that is a surefire winner for me and I see him each time he performs at the Fringe. I would like to see him perform his “normal” stand-up routine next year but I would happily revisit Hard Quiz when he next takes this on the road.

Fringe Review By Richard De Pizzol

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