Jesus, Jane, Mother & Me @ The Studio at Holden Street Theatre, Hindmarsh SA 15/2/2023

Meet Daniel Valentine as he returns to the family home for Mother’s Day. Daniel is not your normal sort of guy. He is a gangly 18-year-old and an ultimate super fan of Jesus. Unfortunately, this has been slightly compromised by his obsession with a girl called Jane.

As we enter The Studio for the performance of Jesus, Jane, Mother & Me, Daniel (Jack Stokes) is on stage, wandering alone around a living room that soon becomes obvious, is his mother’s house. He is dressed only in boxer shorts and a large shirt. However, while the furniture is still in place, there are boards over the windows and garbage bags filled with clothes strewn around the room.

Jack begins to tell us his story, and what a story it is. Jack is happy at first, laughing and smiling as he talks about his upbringing, his school days and his love of his mother and Jesus. But then there is an event that may equal the second coming of Jesus. Daniel and his mother attend a concert by Jane McDonald. They begin a dark obsession with Jane and as with all happy “at first” stories, there is only one way to go – spiralling downward.

The show becomes a gripping, edge of seat story, taking many surprising turns along the way, with none more startling than the ending. It has plenty of dark humour to make you smile, but also many cringeworthy, uncomfortable moments. Jack’s performance is hypnotic and often lets his long arms do the talking. It is a fine performance.

Daniel commenting, on going to church, “It was magical”. So is this performance of Jesus, Jane Mother & Me. Don’t miss it.

Fringe Review By Geoff Jenke

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