Buckcherry, @FOZZY, Emergency Rule @ Lion Arts Factory 4/12/2022

Continuing with my recent campaign of ditching recommended optimal sleep for live music instead, my Sunday night involved catching American rockers Fozzy and Buckcherry hit the stage at The Lions Arts Factory to a fairly impressive and mixed crowd of old school hard rock enthusiasts and wrestling fans alike. In case like me, you have no idea about wrestling, lead singer of Fozzy, Chris Jericho is famous for his involvement in the popular combat sport which goes hand in hand to his particular brand of grandiose showmanship and rock n roll persona. This bill brought an eager fan base of mostly hyped up dude bros proudly donning their matching Fozzy t-shirts to the venue with so much enthusiasm Jericho himself claimed this was ‘the biggest Adelaide show’ they had ever done.

So now that mental image is razor sharp for you, I can start at the beginning where once again Emergency Rule nailed their support slot with absolute precision. Unless you have been void of any live music events for a good while, you have probably come across Adelaide riff masters somewhere on your travels and if you haven’t I highly recommend you rectify that immediately. These guys have good claim to the title of the City’s hardest working band with a parade of local gigs, international supports and a new album in the pipeline. Kicking off the set with a quiet unassuming blusey guitar twiddle, Emergency Rule broke out into hefty banger Corporation which as usual, blew the heads off unsuspecting punters. I have my suspicions that Emergency Rule love a good build up and purposefully intensify their racket of heavy groove drawing people into a sweaty haze before ending sharply with recent track Ulysses. No boring support band here to slack off on, they are always worth making doors and getting your shit together for, and if like me, you are a fan of Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity, I guarantee you’re going to have a good time.

Back to the rowdy dude bros and their wrestle mania comradeship, the crowd for Fozzy was absolutely pumped by the time they graced the stage. So pumped in fact that they chanted ‘Fozzy’ almost weirdly and excessively at times, and Jericho actively encouraged and basked in it between tracks. The sound was huge as Fozzy delivered their mish mash of hard/hair/industrial/nu metal/rock and the audience enjoyed every minute of it while singing loudly. Jericho owned the stage in his strikingly sparkly purple suede jacket with the kind of bravado and energy only a pro wrestler could execute. Covering their most popular tracks from the last decade from 2014 hits Lights Go Out and One Crazed Anarchist to most recent releases I Still Burn and Purifier, Fozzy surprisingly chose to end the set with a cover of AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds, one can assume as a homage to our homeland and without any complaints from the crowd who were thrilled at the offering.

After a short break and some desperately needed fresh air, Buckcherry erupted with their trademark debauchery in pure sex drugs and rock n roll energy. There was notable shift in audience dynamic where the old school rock lovers came to the front for their time to shine and got down and dirty with some new and classic tracks. Josh Todd is a prominent frontman with a serious demure, brazen attitude, and one of the most unique voices in the genre. His performance was flawless and he maintained his staunch energy for the entire set. Starting off with more recent tracks 54321 and So Hott, Buckcherry then took us back to 1999 for their very first hit song Lit Up and continued the theme with Porno Start and Too Drunk before power ballad Sorry. After a little Tina Turner infused jam interlude involving some very impressive line dancing and band member intro formalities, Buckcherry finished the night with Crazy Bitch (oddly enough getting the women in the crowd completely fired up) and Fuck It – a cheeky version of pop song I Love It by Icona Pop.

With a massive line up and energetic execution it was a sweaty Sunday and one hell of a party, amping up the arrival of Summer with what seems to be a continuous onslaught of international heavy acts. This is a good opportunity to remind everyone to keep their fluids up going into festival season.

Live Review By Bec Scheucher

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