The Offspring, Sum 41 @ Entertainment Centre, Adelaide 5/12/2022

Finally! With Covid restrictions out of the way the long awaited tour by Orange County’s favourite sons The Offspring joined by Canada’s finest Sum 41. This show had been sold out for ages even with the few extra tickets released they were snapped up in a heart beat who saw an incredible night of music. It was literally four years to the exact date that The Offspring last played here at the iconic Thebarton Theatre.

What an opening act in Sum 41! No doubt any band coming on after Sum 41 would have a tough assignment topping that. They played like headliners with their production including pyros! Woah! Their set was loaded full of singles with the likes of Fat Lip, In Too Deep, We’re All To Blame and Still Waiting. The cover of Queen’s We Will Rock You was awesome as well. Sum 41 have a huge fan base here and could play a show of this size in their own right as well making for one awesome double billing.

The Offspring stepped up the production on this tour, big sound, big lights and all the trimmings you would expect from an arena show even having their own blimp flying over head. This tour was focused on albums released post Smash (1994) and whilst some purists may have been disappointed not to hear anything from Ignition (1992) or The Offspring (1989) their set was loaded with big singles right from the get go with opening tune Come Out and Play and the lyric “gotta keep ’em separated” got the crowd moshing . In full flight The Offspring are unstoppable with All I Want and Want You Bad to follow. The crowd were fully amped getting a ‘fuck yeah’ from Noodles who said there are some quality ‘mother fuckers’ in Adelaide. The title track from their latest album Let The Bad Times Roll was impressive before venturing back in to familiar territory with Staring At The Sun and Spare Me The Details.

Current single from the new album Behind Your Walls was solid as was Hit That and Hammerhead. Monster Bad Habit went off but they did lose some momentum when there was an extended pause where Dexter and Noodles basked in the glory shown by their fans tipping that they had set a world record for biggest crowd of 1,300,287 describing them as having the ‘voices of angels’. Then the section “Noodles Plays With Himself” where Noodles was ironically ‘noodling’ on his guitar, for me, lost the momentum built in the set to this point. The trajectory of the set was realigned and back on track with The Ramones cover Blitzkrieg Bop followed by Gotta Get Away.

Dexter taking a seat at the piano took a moment to reflect on what it took to get back to Australia because of the rescheduled dates and was grateful for fans turning out in big numbers on this sold out Australian tour. Gone Away played solo on the piano was probably one of the biggest highlights from the show. That was impressive with the crowd shining their mobile phone lights creating a great affect for the song. The beach balls were unleashed on the crowd for a bit of extra fun in Why Don’t You Get a Job? After (Can’t Get My) Head Around You Noodles asked who was working tomorrow watching the crowd full of beans thinking they might need to day off. Pretty Fly (for a White Guy) and The Kids Aren’t Alright topped off what was a massive set.

Returning for an encore featuring You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid and the epic Self Esteem there would have been very few that could have been disappointed with what they experienced.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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