Pixies “Doggerel”

When a band make a big statement about their forthcoming album you hope they follow through and deliver. Pixies are very much a revered band influencing so many and set the alt-rock benchmark at elite standards. So, when vocalist/ guitarist Black Francis says that they want to do things “that are very big and bold and orchestrated” it really could of gone one of two ways. On top that saying that “you just cannot artificially create that shit” in reference to their “punky stuff” got my attention about where they were going to take Doggerel considering career defining albums Surfer Rosa, Doolittle and Bossanova.

The comparisons to those albums are inevitable despite them being released over thirty years and it is clear that the band will continue to reinvent themselves and push the boundaries. Nevertheless, this is a compelling album that needs to be played and loud. Don’t get me wrong, vintage Pixies are great but in 2022 they still have plenty of alt-rock charm.

Since the Pixies reformed in 2004 there have been a number of albums released that have had some great moments but for me Doggerel really makes its mark taking it in start to end and I would say it is top of the heap in terms of their best work. After listening to Doggerel several times I definitely feel genuinely excited again about the Pixies and their forthcoming Australian tour.

The rumbling bombastic opener Nomatterday sets the tone dispelling any concerns and the lyric “don’t piss in the fountain” gets a wry smile from me. Vault Of Heaven and Dregs Of The Wine are a nod back to the 90s but favs for me include Haunted House, Get Simulated and The Lord Has Come Back Today stand out boldly. The Pixies have not lost their edge but reaffirmed their iconic status and fans will dig this album.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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