Ocean Alley “Low Altitude Living”

Ocean Alley are back in a big way with their highly anticipated fourth album Low Altitude Living which is set to do big things here and right around the world. After touring the world to make up for lost time during the Covid years Ocean Alley will continue to go about winning the hearts and minds of fans with this new album.

It is such a great listen from start to end bucking the trend of just writing singles to satisfy the download/ streaming caper taking it in piecemeal. Low Altitude Living is distinctly Ocean Alley but with a refreshing edge which shows a band that continues to push their creative boundaries to nail their sound.

Like a well woven tapestry the twelve songs on ‘Low Altitude Living’ are cohesive and hang together perfectly.

The fans will dig this as the band remain true to their roots maintaining that uniquely Ocean Alley Sound. The themes run deep covering heartbreak, temptation, betrayal yet still offer a sense of optimism and hope. There are so many great songs on offer and it would be easy to listen all of them.

We have already been treated to the likes of Home, Deepest Darkness and Touch Back Down but some stand outs for me include the likes of Perfume and Simple Pleasures. There is plenty to like about the heavier riffs in Changes and the R&B twist of Snake Eyes. There is plenty more to discover and enjoy on the album. Low Altitude Living is a great album and will definitely feature in album of the year considerations.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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