Spring Loaded @ Entertainment Centre, Adelaide 13/8/2022

Finally! Spring Loaded descended on Adelaide after a few reschedules for what was an epic music festival that we can only only hope that as life is a lot closer to normal now that this can become a part of annual touring fixture. Music festivals are important as part of our existence as we are all social beings and as awesome as the music was being able to catch up with friends, and for many this was their first music festival in a while it was great to connect on a social level.

In a positive for the Adelaide scene Spring Loaded had been sold out well in advance so let’s hope that promoters can be filled with some confidence that if events of this size are scheduled people will come. The bill was awesome and covered all bases ticking plenty of boxes and definitely took me back to the days of going to the Big Day Out. With bands in the ilk of Grinspoon, You Am I, Regurgitator, Magic Dirt, Frenzal Rhomb and Tumbleweed you can’t go wrong giving punters plenty of value for their hard earned. M.C. Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall was in great form keeping the crowd revved up between bands.

First up was Tumbleweed who were originally touted as the mystery act for the Adelaide show. OMG! Love the ‘weed! Hard to believe that Tumbleweed were up first but they got things off to a rocking start. Front man Richie Lewis introduced Sundial as their big hit from ’92 and later declared that he didn’t feel a day over twenty two adding that it was hard to believe that they had been around for over thirty years. Daddy Long Legs, Hang Around and Silver Lizard were great set highlights and they were that awesome that even Raul from Magic Dirt was watching from side of stage.

Frenzal Rhomb! Jay Whalley described Spring Loaded as an “unexpected triumph in the Frenzal Rhomb world” playing a spirited thirty minute set. The crowd went nuts for Frenzal and it didn’t take long for the crowd surfing to start. Plenty of songs to cover the back catalogue from Mummy Doesn’t Know You’re A Nazi, Bird Attack, Looking Good, School Reunion, When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab, Miss My Lung, Ship Of Beers and You Are Not My Friend. Jay even commented that “it smells funny down here” in reference to the weed smell which served as an intro to Never Had So Much Fun. Finishing on hit single Punch In The Face the crowd went off.

Magic Dirt were great and it is hard to believe that we have been able to see them twice in three months. The ‘Dirt were fired up playing with plenty of intensity kicking of with Amoxycillin followed by Sparrow and Pace It. Rabbit With Fangs was just superb. Adalita spoke fondly of her love of Adelaide and that it would be the best city to live in when “shit goes down”. The crowd loved Plastic Loveless Letters and Supergloo was dedicated to Archie Roach, Judith Durham and Olivia Newton-John. Reflecting on former bass player Dean Turner, Adalita said that they raise a glass and have a bourbon and coke before every show then playing their biggest hit ever Dirty Jeans. Adalita commented that it took two years to learn how to play it live with Raul adding they still don’t know it. Awesome set which which finished on I Was Cruel.

Probably the biggest the biggest gripes would be the long lines for drinks and the lack of catering options for a crowd of this size. Would have been quite easy to miss most bands waiting in lines. Nonetheless, the music more than made up for this.

Regurgitator upped the ante and really did own it and would be close and taking the chocolates for best performance. Blistering opener Blood And Spunk was killer which was followed by Ben Ely saying that Adelaide is the best who are renown for turning it up. Kung Fu Sing epic! The crowd really did respond seeing Regurgitator playing an energetic and ripping set which included plenty of awesomeness such as I Sucked a Lot of Cock to Get Where I Am, Bong In My Eye, The World Of Sleaze, I Wanna Be A Nudist and the super popular Blubber Boy and set staple Black Bugs. The Black Sabbath teaser of Paranoid was awesome before they went “full macho” on Polyester Girl. It was greatest hits all the way with I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff, Track 1, I Will Lick Your Arsehole, Everyday Formula and finishing on ! (The Song Formerly Known As).

You Am I were next and as Tim Rogers said during their, “I’d hate to go on after those guys” in reference to how good Regurgitator and Frenzal Rhomb were. Rumble, Minor Byrd and The Waterboy were all fucking great. Tim spoke of Adelaide tap water still being shit and that Tumbleweed are the best band in all seven universes also adding to refer to roadies as potential romantic partners. Plenty of great songs filled their forty five minute set including Cathy’s Clown, “potential hit single” Mr Milk, the reflective Heavy Heart, essentially “songs of misery for your enjoyment”. What a way to finish with Jewels and Bullets, How Much Is Enough?, Good Morning and Berlin Chair. Tim should plenty of gratitude thanking Adelaide for giving them half a chance – great set from festival favourites. GBTFLoU

The last act! Feeling a little weary Grinspoon charged out of the blocks with an absolute belter of a set. Hot damn! They were on! They definitely more than proved their top billing launching in DCX3 and Lost Control. The crowd was going off during American Party Bomb. After Phil Jamieson asked “How do you feel? Ok? Good? Great? Just Ace?” Just Ace what a song and one of many stand outs. Hard Act To Follow, No Reason, Better Off Alone and 1000 Miles were all well received. There’s no disputing how strong their back catalogue is and that there was still plenty more to come. Jamieson even commented himself how much fun he was having. Ready 1 and Secrets were well done as was Minute By Minute which Jamieson performed solo acoustically. Railrider was a nice surprise and with the end near it was Chemical Heart, Champion and More Than You Are that brought Spring Loaded to an end. There is no doubt that Spring Loaders would have left happen and it would be awesome if we can do this all again next year.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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