Phil Jamieson, The Pictures @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 12/8/2022

It had been a big week for live music in Adelaide with so much going on but what a way to spend a Friday night hearing Phil Jamieson launch his debut solo album Somebody Else in Adelaide at Lion Arts Factory and finish the tour here as well. With Spring Loaded the following day it was a very appreciative and dedicated loyal die hard supporter base who were there to hear him play these new songs.

It was worth the ticket price alone just to see The Pictures who have not played in Adelaide in a very long time. Led by You Am I’s Davey Lane, he was joined by Brett Wolfenden on drums and Luke Thomas on bass. Coming on at eight o’clock the room was quite sparse but they played as if they were in front of thousands.

As a fan it was great to hear these songs again as well as some new ones so we can only hope there is an album on the way later this year. Ground Control, Stupid Me and Something I Don’t Know were fantastic. Davey Lane revealed that they were cryogenically frozen and later unfrozen so they are a new band now, well half old, half new! The new tune Flippant Words was great kicking things up a notch with the Oasis cover Cigarettes & Alcohol. Finishing on new single I Can’t Hold It Back I can’t wait to see them back again sometime soon.

With a few technical issues out of the way it paved the entrance for Phil Jamieson to take to the stage. Let me say this, his solo album Somebody Else is a fantastic listen and shows how much he has evolved as as singer and song writer. Lights On and Kapow! were solid openers with Jamieson saying “My name is Phillip” and waving to the crowd. Rubberband and Rebecca were great moments from the album which were played early in the set. One highlight was the cover of Grinspoon’s Hate which featured Alana Jagt which was stellar. Next was Little Pickle followed by Grinspoon’s Protest which morphed in Bad Funk Stripe.

Singles Trouble and Somebody Else were great but it was the Grinspoon tunes where the crowd got really vocal in appreciation particularly with Violent And Lazy, More Than You Are, Just Ace and 1000 Miles which were given the Phil Jamieson solo touch up. Fantastic! A great night and hopefully we get to hear these songs again soon.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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