The Mark Of Cain, The Unset @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 18/8/2022

The Mark Of Cain will no doubt be forever etched in to the history of the Adelaide music scene and with their well deserved and earnt induction to the South Australian Musical Hall of Fame this tour this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this on the “A Different Kind Of Tension” tour. The Mark Of Cain tour every so often but when they do, oh boy it is one to remember. They are the sort of shows that serve as a really good reference to a point of time where people, like me, say do you remember seeing The Mark Of Cain at ’97 Big Day Out. This show will add to that legacy and even though front man John Scott was getting over a cold they powered through a blistering ninety minute set with clinical precision.

Lion Arts Factory was packed and if wasn’t sold out it would have been pretty close. Alternative rock act The Unset opened proceedings. The Unset have enormous potential and are a band ready to be signed. They have a powerful sound that defies any labels or putting neatly in a particular box. Songs such as Solipsism, Bloom, Murmur and their big single Nice were awesome. Be sure to check them out when they are gigging around town.

The Mark Of Cain! Wow! I’m left for words to describe their show. They play with brute ferocity, intensity and passion leaving nothing on the table. John Scott thanked the crowd for coming out on a “shitty Thursday night” and hoped they wouldn’t blow up another amp. Interloper set the tone right from the get go. Drummer Eli Green is a gun and there’s no questioning that he has added even more muscle to the band. The Mark Of Cain are well drilled, sound is loud and it really does look like they pull this off effortlessly. UCD, Second Hander, Tell Me and (R) Retaliate were brilliant.

It was great to hear some songs live that I haven’t in a while such as Sleep and set staple LMA was so good. John Scott prompted the question for fans to not go to work tomorrow and to enjoy yourself, maybe not if you’re a heart surgeon. Contender and Fire In Her Heart would be on the highlights reel and whilst John Scott said they were nearly at the end and that this was nearly killing him as he was getting over a cold. Sucking in a couple of big breaths they powered on playing blistering versions of First Time and Battlesick. Leaving the stage Scott said that “Adelaide is always in out hearts”. Returning for encore the standouts were Familiar Territory and Point Man.

The Mark Of Cain continue to do Adelaide proud and deserve all the accolades for an impressive career and prove that plenty of good things come out of Adelaide. I’m eagerly awaiting to see what comes next for this awesome band.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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