Synthony @ Entertainment Centre, Adelaide 5/8/2022

It was Adelaide’s time to dance! Friday night the Adelaide Entertainment Centre was pumping to loud beats as part of Synthony. A live show that combines DJs, live vocalists, a live symphony orchestra with spectacular immersive visuals. Shows have been sold out around New Zealand and Australia and its easy to see why with such a technicolour concept keeping the crowd dancing on their feet for three and half hours!

The Southern Cross Symphony Orchestra lead by the rockstar conductor Sarah Grace Williams had all the strings, woodwinds and percussion musicians in line to compliment DJ Andy Van’s (Madison Avenue) choice of EDM hits. Hosted by Mobin Master along with live performances from power house vocalists Greg Gould, Cassie McIvor, Ella Monnery and for his first Synthony performance Ashley James on saxophone the stage was alive with high energy all round.

The crowd were happy. How could they not be with hits from Avicii, Tiesto, Eric Prydz, Shapeshifters and more. Starting off with the Fatboy Slim hit Right Here Right Now, vocalist Greg Gould’s energy was infectious. Strutting the stage and owning it every time it was his turn to perform, he brought the energy yelling to the crowd he was “here to lift the friggin roof off the place!” And yeah, he did! Singing The Potbelleez Don’t Hold Back by not holding back and the same for Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall. It was assertive and electric. He owned it! Everyone had their hands in the air.

DJ Andy Van may have played the Faithless hit Insomnia but there were no sleepy heads in the house tonight. The crowd were definitely wide awake and making plenty of noise stomping their feet to the thumping beat and loving every minute. Singers McIvor and Monnery brought the glam singing hit after hit. Who doesn’t love to dance to the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams or Robin S Show Me Love? Finishing off the set with the ever-popular Florence and the Machine hit You’ve Got The Love. No-one in the house wanted it to end.

Coming back for an encore, the last song of the night was Darude’s Sandstorm. Always a crowd favourite. Synthony was a stunning laser light show that took you on historical journey of anthems and big dance hits. It’s a nonstop symphonic rave party full of colour and lights. What a night!

Live Review B Anastasia Lambis