Rebel The Show @ Regal Theatre, Kensington Park SA 28/5/2022

Bowie fans are a passionate lot and I don’t blame them. He was one of the most revolutionary artists of our time, a pure artistic genius and Stewart Reeve with his band of perfect misfits are just the right mix to channel Bowie to deliver a show that combines art, circus, music and fun all in the one set. From promoter Marcus Hamence Presents Rebel the Show played at the Regal Theatre for one night only and the audience made sure they made the most of it! They were in their Bowie element!

With a rocking guitar solo and starting with the 1972 song Suffragette City, the energy didn’t stop for the hour-long show. The Bowie hits and favourites came out thick and fast intertwined with acrobatic circus performances by the multi-talented band members. They don’t just rock a guitar or play a mean keyboard. You can also find them somewhere on the stage juggling, hula hooping, fine line balancing, roller skating and pretty much giving the crowd what they want; electric entertainment! 

Rebel the Show dives deep into the nitty gritty of Bowie with songs like I’m Afraid of Americans, Loving the Alien, Moonage Day Dream and Lazurus from his last album Blackstar. But not to disappoint anyone the big hits were there too; Lets Dance, Heroes, Fashion, Changes and Space Oddity. Reeves has a really great Bowie vibe! There’s no cheesy cover band style about him. He knows how to channel Bowie bringing out the best elements all the while providing his own unique style to each song.

If you haven’t seen the show lucky for you Rebel the Show is touring nationally as well as internationally with a trip to Edinburgh slated for August. Even if you’re not a Bowie fan Rebel has so much to offer in terms of high energy live music and exciting circus style entertainment. 

Live Review By Anastasia Lambis

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Photo Credit: Brig Bee Photo

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