Ocean Grove @ The Gov, Adelaide 26/5/2022

Dale Tanner, vocalist of Ocean Grove, stands on the stage with the biggest, cheesier than 4 cheese pizza grin. Below him a heaving sweaty mass of bodies, discarded clothes and half empty drink containers are thrown about.

Side of stage, security are over worked with people absorbing the performance area to perfect their Olympic quality stage diving sequences while bassist Twiggy Hunter casually signs merchandise.

This is chaotic, madness, energetic, compelling and just a good old fun time as Ocean Grove tour their new album on a tour named after their last album. Which they’re also touring.

Confused? You shouldn’t be, this is Ocean Grove after all. A band whose singer was the bassist and had a guitarist who left the band but didn’t actually leave but then he did. They just do things their own individual way.

It’s that individual way that is so purposely evident tonight as they blast out of the gates on the back of a rabble rousing intro tape of Bohemian Rhapsody and right into Superstar and Junkie$ from previous album Flip Phone Fantasy with the latter having Tanner pulled into the crowd by a voracious audience. Tanner doesn’t miss a note.

Sex Dope Gold from new album Up In The Air Forever and HMU are riotous singalongs while Neo is an explosion of pumped up on energy drinks and caffeine shots masterclass of vigorous orchestration.

The convergence of energetic flow between band and audience is visible as the crowd sing and rush to the front for their favourite track which evidently seems to be Thousand Golden People.

Except it’s not, it’s the next track Cali Sun, but wait it’s actually Ask For The Anthem, as the crowd is a constant whirlpool of people going in excited and coming out wet and exhausted before popping back in again for another spin.

Tanner jumps into the crowd, crouching down before leading everyone into a bouncing frenzy – far to infectious to not be involved in – before the band eventually leave after 70 mins of sheer happiness with Sunny.

The audience are exhausted, happy and delirious as they file out of the venue. Ocean Grove have made their night and by the look of Tanner’s cat-that-got-the-cream smile, we have made the bands too.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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