Common Dissonance @ Ukiyo At Gluttony, Adelaide 20/2/2022

Creator Aaron Walker Photography

There haven’t been too many contemporary circus shows that have made such an impression on me a long time after the show has finished. In fact, most of the time it just sits in the back of my mind and a memory stored not to be thought of again. Not with Common Dissonance. The contemporary circus show by the Na Djinang Circus group left me questioning my own reactions with people I interact with in my life. The show was thought provoking, powerful and well-crafted in portraying the differences between cultures and reasoning. 

Starting the show with the two performers in full embrace, breathing together in rhythm gently moving, elegantly weaving in and out, taking turns carrying each other constructing a gentle flow of harmony. It was a moving display of emotion capturing your attention from the start. There were moments of playfulness and love between the two, carefully crafting strong bonds eventually being driven to despair revealing an aggressive and frustrated burst of energy. It was a performance pushing raw emotions to the edge and while it took some in the audience by surprise it proved its point. We are human. This is how we react, how we feel, how we hurt and I’m sure we have all felt these same emotions one time or another in our life.

Common Dissonance is a beautifully constructed contemporary circus show demonstrating the differences on how we think and problem solve. With elements of indigenous culture, sounds and dance mixed in with the modern movement of performance art Common Dissonance tugs at the very heart of your conscience all with the sensitivity and intensity to leave you thinking about it long after you leave the venue.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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