Meet Me At Dawn @ The Studio At Holden Street Theatre, Hindmarsh SA 21/2/2022

Meet Me At Dawn is another great play presented by Holden Street Theatres this Fringe season performed by Wendy and Sarah Bos, written by acclaimed playwright Zinnie Harris and directed by Nescha Jelk.

The play is a tense minimalist psychodrama about two survivors on an island who ponder questions of love, death, dreams, reality, grief and loss. It is Intelligent and heartfelt and all is not what it appears..

I really enjoyed the supernatural elements and commend the actor’s Wendy and Sarah Bos who were both excellent in their roles. They were very convincing and I was really quite invested in the fates of the 2 characters and was trying very hard to guess where it was heading as I was convinced there was more to it than just the two survivors getting home.

Nescha Jelk’s direction was wonderful. The change in lighting to signify moments outside of the main story was very effective and getting the actors to be wet on stage was impressive. In regards to the writing of this play, I felt that it was too doggedly askew early on to help keep its secrets close to its chest and then when the endgame was revealed just after halfway I felt that it became unfocussed and meandering at this point. The characters were very strongly defined though and the couples recriminations about their relationship were all too real to me.

Fringe Review By Richard De Pizzol