Arj Barker @ The Spiegeltent At The Garden of Unearthly Delights 22/2/2022, Adelaide

At the start of tonight’s show, Arj Barker tells us he is retiring and this will be his last time doing stand up (spoiler alert, he’s not retiring) This was the start of another very funny show by Arj who has attended the Adelaide Fringe since the year 2000! I remember seeing him at the Mercury Cinema in Morphett St that year and I have seen him many times since and he is still making me laugh.

There are many people in Adelaide who must have seen Arj multiple times and this might be because we seek comfort in the familiar and a desire for repetition and to return to an earlier state of things as stated by Sigmund Freud. For me with all the vast choices to be made at the Fringe I like to go to things that I know I will like and again Arj did not disappoint.

Arj has taken his best jokes over his long career and remastered them into one single Power Hour. We were treated to stories about QR codes, our roads, gluten and cleaning products. The funniest two was his impression of snakes googling him and Alzheimer’s. It feels like Arj is doing self-therapy on stage re-examining his own couples counselling and death in amusing ways. Arj will be in Adelaide for the entire run of the Fringe so get along to see this very entertaining show.

Fringe Review By Richard De Pizzol

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