Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos @ The Flamingo – Gluttony, Adelaide 19/2/2022

Matt Hale is Absolute Chaos! Back at Gluttony in a bigger better tent and by the looks of it an even bigger audience. Word has got around this is the best hypnotists show in town and it’s the craziest kind of chaos you will find at this year’s fringe. Yes, that skinny bald guy came out on stage with a bang! Running around and dancing along to the pulsating beats revving up the audience. Hale sure knows how to set the scene for absolute chaos!

As with all his shows the people called up on stage to get hypnotised are volunteers. So, if you have the nerve, you better be quick. On this absolute chaotic Saturday night in the Flamingo tent there were so many volunteers there were a lot of disappointed faces walking back to their seats. So, take heed and I repeat: be quick once he asks!

This time round there were different tasks but the intensity and hilarity were the same. The air guitars made an appearance once again along with a hilarious George Michael’s Careless Whisper number that was disturbing and hilarious at the same time! We had surfing, demands to see the manager, supermodels and penguins all in the one show. It really is funny seeing people letting it go and not aware of their inhibitions.

One of the volunteers Gemma was a riot. She was falling of her chair asleep, pumping up the audience like she was at a rave every time the music was played and all-round ball of energy. Quite the entertainer giving the audience plenty of laughs. So much so she didn’t want to leave the stage! And neither did we!

As Hale proclaims “It’s all about feeling fantastic and having fun. Do something silly. It feels amazing!” So, if that’s your kind of show then definitely Grab Ya Tix!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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