Hot Boy Summer @ The Squeaker At Gluttony

Coming in Hot!

They came in hot and BOY, did they deliver. The duo opened the show together, admitting that the show has nothing to do with hot boys or summer. It was quick-witted jokes like this that set the stage for continued laughs from the audience.

Ben Knight followed with his solo routine and gave us an in depth look at comedy that is his life as a teacher, albeit at the expense of a new PE teacher who was in the audience, which naturally made his observations funnier and more relatable. There were the standard ‘ranga’ jokes but Ben’s ease at delivering punch lines made them refreshing and entertaining.

Scene two and out came Nick Capper. It was a shaky start, possibly caused by an annoying one-word heckler, but Nick recovered well and delivered with his dry and dark sense of humour. To the audience’s surprise Nick shared his recent health battle, which was a sobering moment for punters, but brought it back in a ‘full-circle moment’ that allowed the audience to laugh along with him.

As a comedy duo they refreshed the hilarity of old school penis jokes (yes they can be funny) and walked a fine line of being offensive but never crossed it.

Fringe Review By James Landseer