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Head boppin’, booty shaking and full of smiles, Queensland’s LAURA MAC has burst into the limelight with their debut single Garage Full of Dreams. A brazen, shameless and unrivalled energy carries this bop from their garage in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, all the way to Lush Studios (The Butterfly Effect, Semantics, Katie Noonan) in Brisbane, harnessing the energy and desire of LAURA MAC. Let Garage Full of Dreams grab your hand, spin you around and leave you breathless for more.

Laura Mac also shares her Top 10 Songs That Inspired

The Seed 2.0 – The Roots
In my opinion this is one of the coolest songs ever written. The guitar riff in this was definitely an inspiration for Garage Full of Dreams. The lyrics did as well. We were in our party bus listening to this when I wrote the words, and if you know Seed 2.0 you will understand our line ‘I want a Cadillac and space to roam’. The Roots have a heap of hectically rad songs but this will always be my favourite.

Band On The Run – Wings
This song was amazing when it was released and remains so relevant almost 50 years later, especially during lockdown and quarantine and restrictions and everything going on right now. The way this song levels up is mind blowing and that beautiful soft hammering guitar riff is haunting and comforting at the same time. I honestly can’t help but lay back, snake dance my head and end up totally absorbed every time I hear it. When the second half of the song hits it is so intense and satisfying and gears me up to rock and roll. I played it for a friend in the car one time and he said it reminded him of ‘Sicko Mode’ by Travis Scott, which is honestly a terrible comparison, not to mention an insult to Wings (and a huge compliment to Travis Scott) but I kind of understand what he meant and if you listen you probably will too. I bloody love Paul McCartney and everything about this song.

Ex-Girlfriend – No Doubt
Gwen’s sass in this song (and actually all of her songs) is animated and unrivalled. She was the coolest kid on the block 25 years ago and she pretty much still holds the title today. Her vocals are so punchy and funny and sweet and mean all at the same time. I love when this song switches to a quick almost Spanish style guitar solo before Gwen slams back in for the bridge. This song is relatable and danceable and all time epic.

Drive My Car – The Beatles
Everyone knows the ‘beep beep beep beep yeah’ hook in this song but not everyone knows the full track where it was born. A classic Beatles sound that remains iconic today. Drive My Car is such a fun song and was definitely an inspiration in writing Garage Full Of Dreams. Singing about starting out and trying to make it as a star with a strong car theme. I was tempted to chuck a ‘beep beep’ into our track but the Beatles are simply too sacred to ever try and replicate.

One Of These Nights – The Eagles
The intro to this song really does it for me. That smooth funky bass is to die for. So is the angelic disco vibe chorus. There are so many different feels in this song and I love it. It’s a staple in 70s rock and a track that everyone loves to get down and groove to.

Wish You Were Gay – Billie Eilish
Myself and pretty much every other person on the planet will never be able to sing like Billie Eilish can. Doesn’t mean we can’t attempt her lyricism and word play though haha! The double meanings and how well the verses are written in this song is epic. The canned laughter and audience reactions they put in the first verse is clever and authentic. This song is funny, sweet, sad and relatable which are characteristics that inspire our song writing.

Wicked Game – Chris Isaac
The way Chris Isaac sings the chorus in this song is unbelievable and iconic. He has this deep dark haunting vocal for the verse that reaches and breaks to this vulnerable angel voice in the chorus. You really feel for him and creating relatability and empathy in a song that people love to (try) and sing along to is in my opinion top grade song writing.

Where’s Your Head At – Basement Jaxx
If you put this on at a party everyone is going to get up and throw down. Undeniable banger. Hard hitting bass and drums with the coolest verses and catchiest chorus. There is so much attitude and energy in this song. Zac and I recently rediscovered this song and have been rolling it on repeat over the last couple months, so when we got into the studio and the drummer mentioned the Garage Full of Dreams beat and vibe reminded him of this track we were psyched.

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