Lime Cordiale Are Bringing The Squeeze In 2022

Chugg Music and current ARIA Award winners for Best Live Act Lime Cordiale are proud to announce the third edition of their annual travelling festival, The Squeeze for April and May 2022. 2022 sees Oli and Louis Leimbach gather together a stellar line up of Australian talent including Thelma Plum, Client Liaison, The VANNS and many more and take them on the road for the biggest Squeeze Festival to date. The twelve stops take in WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD, including three a day on the green events.

Lime Cordiale are well known for wanting to generously share the spotlight with their friends whenever they can. That sparked the idea for a day-long festival programmed by Lime Cordiale featuring the bands and artists that they would want to see at a festival, and with the help of their long-time managers Michael Chugg and Andrew Stone, The Squeeze was born. Oli and Louis tell Hi Fi Way more about this exciting new festival and reflect on what has been 2021.

Awesome tour announcement with The Squeeze, you must be excited and relieved for your tour plans in 2022?
The energy of 2022 is already buzzing! We’ve gone bigger than we could’ve ever expected with The Squeeze and that’s got a lot to do with Chuggi’s enthusiasm on this one. Having a manger that’s a legendary promoter does make it easy to realise our dreams. We tell him what our vision is (although he knows us inside out) and then he goes for it.

Is the anxiety heightened a little going on an overseas tour?
Holy shit yes. Even being on a plane for that long makes me nervous! Europe’s going to be an interesting adventure. We’ll have to stay in a bit of a bubble for obvious reasons. Luckily our band is tighter than ever. It may get a little erotic in the bus. Making these shows happen is the number one priority so we may need to stay out of the Berlin clubs.

The Squeeze line up is brilliant, how did you go about picking the bands you wanted to play given there are so many great bands/ artists in Australia?
We had a huge list of artists that were interested. It was hell going through the list because a lot of our favourite bands were on there. Thelma Plum and Client Liaison are headliners of many festivals so to have those guys blows my mind. Thelma and her team didn’t actually submit herself, we specifically requested her. She’s just great. The VANNS, merci mercy, Teenage Dads and Beddy Rays just makes this festival something we couldn’t miss out on ourselves.

How exciting is it to be able to play in areas you wouldn’t ordinarily get to and on the flipside help those local communities as well?
A festival that you need to travel to is all part of the journey! Pie stop on the way, a good bakery and a Vinnies is all you need to make a town great and most in Australia do. Each of these local areas are really getting behind the festival. We’ll have local bands on the bill too.

Is it a healthy challenge to have working out the set list and being able to fit everything in?
It’s horrible. We’re trying to do that at the moment and our set is sitting at two hours. You always have to cut some babies but man, it’s tough. And there’s always someone in the audience that gets upset you didn’t play their favourite song. I love playing the shit that no one knows! The old ones, the less played ones.

When you look back on 2021 what do you see as being the stand out highlights for Lime Cordiale?
Making a record with Idris Elba tops the list by far. In a matter of weeks we went from meeting the guy to having a full album’s worth of material together.

Have you learnt a lot about yourselves and your own personal resilience during this COVID haze?
I love that we’ve been able to keep everything moving forward without touring. We’ve all had our lows because playing live is like a drug for us. But at the end of the day, everyone still listens to music. You just need to get into their bedroom speakers at home… as creepy as that sounds.

Are there plans for more new music in 2022?
There’s almost room for new music in 2021! Yes yes yes. We’ll be releasing plenty of music in 2022. I’m writing from the studio right now.

Sonically, do you have a vision in mind with the new songs that you are working on?
It’s a Boujee Cowboy, A La Carte.

How will Lime Cordiale celebrate Christmas this year?
If touring is really kicking off hard in 2022, it’ll be the last time we get to see family for a long time. Hopefully on the Northern Beaches in and out of the water.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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