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Weep When You Die is the alcohol soaked, anthemic new single and video from Gothenburg’s leading exponents of street metal, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR. It has been unleashed today on all digital platforms (streaming and download) via Golden Robot Records (for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South America only). So grab a drink as we head into the weekend and stream it, download it and turn it up!

Rejoicing in the enormous success and critical acclaim of their first two singles Catch Me if You Can and Dreams in Red, Weep When You Die is a booze-soaked anthem, described by the band’s drummer Adde as “just another night at your local watering hole”.

Evoking images of a smoke-filled saloon, populated by rogues, outcasts and undesirables on the edge of society, Weep When You Die shrouds the listener with a hymn like opening before crashing into a pounding rhythm driven by Adde in harmony with bassist Martin Sandvik. It elevates the mood and creates the perfect platform for singer Jocke Berg to deliver his sermon, urging people to “live for today” as guitarist Vic Zino conjures up the perfect balance of melody, riffs and scything lead work.

Weep When You Die is the third single from the band’s highly anticipated new album ABRAKADABRA, which is scheduled for release in March 2022 through Golden Robot Records.

Stereophonics return with Do Ya Feel My Love? – the second single from their forthcoming album Oochya!, released on 4th March 2022 via Stylus Records through Ignition Records Ltd.

As Stereophonics celebrate over a quarter-century as a cornerstone of British rock, Do Ya Feel My Love? feels like a flashback to years past, with the Welsh rockers’ trademark formula returning with a future anthem and fan favourite in the making. Driven by garage-like drums, punchy bass and guitar alike, with Kelly Jones’ signature tones lacing the verses before the anthemic refrain rises in the chorus; this track exhibits the durability and uniqueness of Kelly’s vocal range and lyricism.

The video for the single, a stunning energetic band performance, directed by Maxim Kelly for Caviar, made its YouTube premiere last night.

Crowded House have unveiled the glorious surf video for their new single LOVE ISN’T HARD AT ALL. The video is produced by Neil Finn, using surfing footage from legend Kelly Slater.

“Love Isn’t Hard At All and doesn’t Kelly Slater make it look easy. The sentiments and energy of our song seemed perfectly in synch with the flow and focus of the Surfing world’s most gifted expressionist. World Surf League and Kelly supplied footage of some of his recent incredible waves which I was delighted to edit together for this visual tribute to his power and grace.” Neil Finn, Crowded House

The band has also collaborated on designs for sustainable clothing brand, Outerknown, co-founded by Kelly Slater. Further details are to be revealed in the weeks ahead.

Following the lauded release of her first solo single Jealousy, Isabella Manfredi returns with her second single One Hit Wonder, lifted from her forthcoming debut solo album, due in 2022.

Premiered on triple j, One Hit Wonder is a bitter-sweet send off to a love gone awry. It’s a call and response realisation backed by a muscular drum and bass groove, invigorating percussion, melancholic piano and a ripping guitar solo, with Isabella’s stirring vocal reflections crafting blissful harmonies out of a dissonant situation.

Penned and produced by Isabella in collaboration with Lucy Taylor (Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding) and Jealousy producer Chris Collins, Isabella says, “When I walked into the session for One Hit Wonder in March 2020, two weeks before the pandemic really hit. The Preatures had already been in limbo for eighteen months and I had been off the stage and in stalemate. The day before the session I had been in the studio with G Flip, Jess B and Thandi Pheonix for Like a Version, and I came home from rehearsals energised and inspired. I sat down at my piano and wrote the prechorus and chorus, and over the next few days I finished ‘One Hit Wonder’ with Chris Collins and Lucy Taylor. I remember it feeling tongue-in-cheek at the time, like maybe it could be a Preatures song. But I was really saying I was done with the band before I was ready to admit it to myself. I think sometimes it can be hard to swallow that the strongest thing you can do is cut your losses and walk away. It’s also right to acknowledge when something truly was wondrous and leave it at that.”

Pre-pandemic, Isabella spent much of 2019 collaborating, and recording in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, London, Paris, and Berlin. Returning to her hometown of Sydney she continued working on her debut solo album with award-winning co-producer Chris Collins and an all-star line-up of the country’s most talented artists and songwriters.

Dashboard Confessional is setting out towards a brighter tomorrow with premiere of an inspiring new single – Here’s To Moving On – available now at all DSPs and streaming services. Here’s To Moving On heralds the eagerly awaited arrival of the first all-new Dashboard Confessional LP in four years, All The Truth That I Can Tell, due via Hidden Note Records/AWAL on February 25. The album is available to pre-save and pre-order now. An album trailer premieres today via YouTube.

“I think in this song I find myself understanding what brought me to the mat and what it takes to get up off the mat,” says DC founder, frontman, and songwriter Chris Carrabba. “Sometimes what brought you to the mat are outside forces and sometimes it’s you, yourself. Or it can be all those things. But it does seem the only thing that gets you up off the mat isn’t outside forces – it’s always you.”

James Reyne has dropped a new black and white video for his haunting single Burning Books, the second track to be lifted from his critically acclaimed album of last year, Toon Town Lullaby.

Directed by Chris Tovo, Burning Books was shot at “Labour in Vain” in Fitzroy, Vic.

James explains, “The video for “Burning Books” was shot between lockdowns in and around Melbourne. I didn’t really want to be in it, so we let the director Chris Tovo run free – well, as free as he could considering he couldn’t really leave his house! After we were able to open up somewhat, he convinced a reluctant me to sing along for the last parts of the film, perched at the bar of the fabulous Labour In Vain in Fitzroy.

“The song’s essentially about the fact that we’re all often fixated with the shallower things we probably shouldn’t be, while more important matters lose significance and pass us all by. Triggered by reading somewhere that apparently by the year 2035 or something, if we keep going the way we are, there’ll no more tigers! A simple statement but extrapolated out expose more and greater malevolent truths about how we live and what we value.”

Following its first play on triple j Good Nights, Ocean Grove’s electric summer single CALI SUN is officially out now. This positive, passionate and uplifting earworm also comes alongside a trippy new music video.

Thematically, CALI SUN exemplifies the Ocean Grove ethos to critically question the norm and champion the anti-norm. It features both inspired sonics and an equally inspired message to match.

“Paradisiacal and enticing, ‘CALI SUN’ represents the ultimate marketplace for the senses whether they lust for fame, money or success. Not your stereotypical heartbreak story, ‘CALI SUN’ is a nod to the land and opulence of California herself,” says Ocean Grove.

“As the song reveals, human dependence on anything feel-good in excess never ultimately rewards or fulfils the user, rather leaving them on a perpetual chase that can only be checked through a journey of self-realisation. Left to its own devices, we consider this dependence the work of the enemy mind, an insidious yet inherent part of us all. Without maintaining PMA, our vulnerability to chasing a high will always tempt and taunt us.”

It’s a great feeling. The letter comes in the mail, all official like. You open it. It’s from the ATO. Good news or bad news? GREAT NEWS! “I got my tax back baby” The Dunies declare in their new summer banger ‘UP’, released via Ratbag Records / BMG.

Dune Rats inject that feeling into a song that finds Danny, BC and Brett pushing their sound on UP to a place they haven’t been before. Still with their trademark punk rock sound, UP is a song you can dance to, singalong to, mosh to. It’s the perfect song to kick off an Australian summer with new-found freedoms and live music returning right across the country.

The song came from The Dunies dreaming of a better time. “‘UP’ was written on the far South Coast of Australia in a small town called Eden,” the band said. “It was bloody freezing at the time, so it felt necessary to write a summer tune.”

“We ended up making this feel-good banger that was way different from anything we’d written before.” They continued. “We stumbled across the song while having a good time fucking around and cracking each other up. At first, we were reluctant to show anyone because of how different it sounded but eventually thought fuck it and embraced the tuneski!”

Showcasing Hollow Coves at their finest and most reflective, Purple glides from stunning harmonies to infectiously warm melodies – a tune that will undoubtedly see their infatuated fan base continue to grow and celebrate the sincere duo. Purple allows Hollow Coves to open up with a reverent vulnerability, backed by opulent melodies and instrumentation.

Purple was produced by multi-ARIA award winner Andy Mak (Vera Blue, Boy & Bear, Megan Washington), who found himself so enamoured with the duo’s music that he reached out directly, desperate to work with them at the iconic Grove Studios in Sydney.

“After looking at his past work we realised that we are actually fans of a bunch of stuff he has produced. So we decided to give it a shot. Earlier this year we flew down to Sydney and spent a couple of days recording at The Grove Studios with Andy and his go-to engineer Jackson Barclay.” Ryan Henderson, Hollow Coves

Joining them on the track was Harry Day of Middle Kids, to complete the stellar team of Australian creatives contributing to the song. With Australian and New Zealand tour dates selling fast, the band have timed the release perfectly, to continue cultivating the intimate connection they share with audiences worldwide.

Inspired by a trip away with his now wife, songwriter Matt Cairns took to nylon and paper to write Purple, sharing the couple’s first moment of openness and vulnerability together.

“One afternoon, early in our relationship, we sat beside a lighthouse on Fingal Headland and put everything on the table. It was the first time being completely vulnerable with each other and it opened a door to a whole new dimension in our relationship. It was at that moment that I realised that this was the girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.” Matt Cairns, Hollow Coves

Paul Kelly shares the video for Christmas, the first single to be released from his forthcoming album, Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train set for release on November 19.

“’Christmas’ was written by a couple of friends of mine, Chris and Wes Harrington, from Melbourne band, The Large Number Twelves. I’ve seen them play a lot over the years around St Kilda so I’ve known this song for a long time. It’s a fun rock ’n’ roll song with a nod to the 60s. Good for lots of harmonies. There was one high harmony none of us could reach so we invited Billy Miller (who wrote Firewood and Candles and other songs with me) to come and sing it. He absolutely nailed it. Bill is friends with Chris and Wes, too, and plays with them from time to time, so it was good to keep it all in the ‘family’” says Kelly of the track.

Directed by Siân Darling (Courtney Barnett, Alice Skye, Electric Fields) and shot on the streets of Kelly’s home-turf, St Kilda with an iPhone, the video for Christmas is a rollicking and lively rock ‘n’ roll adventure that pays homage to the nostalgia of a typical Australian summer Christmas.

Courtney Barnett unveils If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight, the fourth single to be lifted from her highly anticipated new album Things Take Time, Take Time – out now on Milk! Records / Remote Control Records.

Already garlanded by critics as one of the standout releases of the year, Things Take Time, Take Time, the third studio album by Courtney Barnett, signals an exciting new chapter for the indie rock superstar, consolidating her place in the storied lineage of influential singer-songwriters, even as it polishes and refines her knack for a killer melody and unique turn of phrase like never before.

At the heart of Things Take Time, Take Time, is a love song — one of Courtney’s first. If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight is effervescently, unabashedly, cheekily love-drunk, soaring and remarkably high-stakes in comparison to the rest of the record: “If loving you’s a crime, then gimme those front page headlines,” Courtney sings, aware of the cliche and crushing too hard to care.

In Courtney’s words – “I think my stance in the past was like, ‘There’s so many love songs and they don’t mean anything,’ but there’s something really special about zooming in on a moment and capturing it. “‘If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight’ comes from the state of where my head was at — trying to communicate honestly instead of keeping [my feelings] guarded.”

Toronto punk heroes PUP – comprised of Stefan Babcock, Nestor Chumak, Zack Mykula, and Steve Sladkowski—release their first new original songs of 2021 today.

The two new PUP tracks, Waiting and Kill Something, were produced by GRAMMY-Award winner Peter Katis (Interpol, The National, Kurt Vile). Waiting, which features fellow Canadian punk artist Kathryn McCaughey of NOBRO, is a riotous, joyful and ridiculously fun track that has everything you want from a PUP song, and more.

Stefan explains why: “‘Waiting’ came about by smashing the heaviest riff Nestor could write with the simplest, most uplifting chorus I could write, just to see what would happen. The results were very quintessentially PUP, in that the song is a flurry of darkness and anger through the joyous lens of four guys just happy to be here, four guys who don’t take themselves seriously enough to make music that doesn’t feel like fun, regardless of the subject matter.”

Multiplatinum star Avril Lavigne has released Bite Me, her first new music since 2019 and label debut for Travis Barker’s DTA Records. The exhilarating track is available everywhere now, and, to celebrate the arrival of Bite Me, the eight-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum singer, songwriter, designer, and philanthropist will treat fans to the song’s first late-night television performance on CBS’s The Late Late Show With James Corden. Founded by Barker, DTA Records operates as a worldwide venture with Elektra Music Group.

Welcoming Avril to the DTA Records family, Barker said, “Avril and I have been friends for a long time, but I think I’ve been a fan of hers even longer! She’s a true badass and an icon as a performer, songwriter, and presence. We had gotten in the studio earlier this year, and we were having so much fun that I knew I wanted to ask her to join the DTA team. I’m so stoked she’s now part of the label. I can’t wait for everybody to experience the incredible music she’s about to drop.”

Avril offered, “I’ve always admired Travis and his work. The first time we worked together was 15 years ago on my album ‘The Best Damn Thing’ and I have really enjoyed watching him develop into the producer that he is today. We spent a lot of time writing songs and working on this record together, and signing to his record label, DTA felt like the perfect home for me and my new music. Travis understands my vision as a musician, my creative process as an artist, and my goals at this stage of my career. I am excited to be dropping ‘Bite Me.’ It’s an anthem about knowing your worth, what you deserve, and not giving someone a second chance who doesn’t deserve you.”

Aussie pop superstars Sheppard have just released their glistening, heartfelt new single Christmas Without You, a poignant seasonal track that will hit home for those who are missing a loved one this Christmas, out now. The thoughtful song and spectacular video are landing just towards the end of an absolutely massive year for this powerhouse family group, with their 2021 album Kaleidoscope Eyes peaking at number 2 on the ARIA charts and their beloved hit Coming Home racking up over sixty million Spotify streams. Sheppard will be celebrating the release of Christmas Without You with a performance at Brisbane Lord Mayor Christmas Carols on December 11.

Christmas Without You is a truly appropriate Christmas song for a year like 2021; reflective, gentle, and emotive, festive piano and subtle bells lead the song as vocalist George Sheppard’s sweet voice floats above it all. The track reaches an expressive, cathartic climax, perfectly suited to the melancholy of a festive season that’s missing some loved ones. Evocative of Coldplay’s seasonal classic Christmas Lights, Christmas Without You is a sparkling triumph, as George reflects, “My sisters and I realised that there must be so many people who, for whatever reason, haven’t been able to see their families and loved ones for a very long time, and Christmas time can be particularly hard for people in those circumstances. We wanted to write a song for all of those people who might not be having such a great Christmas without their families, and to leave them with a little bit of warmth and hope.” The video for Christmas Without You, created by the band’s longtime visual collaborators, Polish graphic design firm Ars Thanea, is a stunning offering, consisting of gorgeous, pain-stakingly created CGI imagery that feels perfectly in line with the ebbs and flows of the song itself.

Australian troubadour Thomas Keating has shared his intriguing, thoughtful new single Lunatic, a contemplation on the difficulties of trying to see the world from an opposing viewpoint, out now. The gentle, catchy track, one with no real political motivations other than simply trying to understand different ways of thinking, is accompanied by a lighthearted film clip, during which Thomas plays in a band along with some Australian political celebrities.

Keating’s vocal on Lunatic feels evocative of Something For Kate’s Paul Dempsey, whilst the track itself will feel at home on playlists alongside modern Aussie guitar pop like Alex Lahey, Ball Park Music and Ocean Alley. Acoustic guitar is king here, pushing the track along as Keating’s expertly crafted vocal melody floats on top, hook-laden and overflowing with intricate, clever lyrics. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Keating explains, “This song is about my confusion at the state of the whole world right now. I do have some pretty strong views on different aspects of society and politics, and I view people who don’t share my opinions as a bit mad sometimes. But I have also come to the realisation that they probably think I am mad. So who is the ‘lunatic’ then?”

Following a string of expressive pop music, delivered with the heartfelt and honest lyricism for which he’s become known, will hyde has managed to create a devout following across the US and Australia, with fans and industry alike. Releasing his debut EP in 2020, the 22 year Melbourne/Naarm based singer-songwriter has gone on to write some of his most compelling works to date throughout 2021. With the coming of age single boy., our neighbours. and fukced up., will now offers the fourth and final instalment addicted. before the release of his sophomore EP ‘nothing ever changes.’ due for release on Friday 10th December via Pack Records.

With a strong focus on mental health and personal development, the tone for many of his singles has been vastly introspective. addicted. sees will yearn after a lost love, whilst continuing to paint a vivid picture of his own struggles throughout, singing “it rips me to pieces to know that I’m peaceless. I’m scared of the feeling of healing, I’m sleepless.” Describing the process and intention for the lyrics, will shares “it shows how that same affection & deep love for someone can turn the other way and start to cause you real pain. I started writing & the words came to me as I went”.

In a moment of serendipity, chapter 5 of the visual album sees will explore the outside world once more, just as his hometown of Melbourne/Naarm opens up to life again following lockdown, succinctly following on from the isolation portrayed throughout the previous video fukced up. Diving deeper into how the single is another part of his journey of self-discovery, will details “to me the song is about being in a stage where you would rather feel pain than love. It’s too hard to let that person go so I start to hold onto everything about them that I did have. All the little memories. That only drives me more crazy. I think it shows how the brain can use the same thing that made you love, cause pain. Pain & happiness live on the same coin and through my self exploration I have learned that I want to sit somewhere in between. A feeling of contentment, not feeling the need to hold onto relationships for a sense of self or purpose. It’s a realisation that I have to start living a life where I am at the centre, not at the whim of what other people expect and give me.”

Meanjin/Brisbane dream-pop duo Sunbather return with the release of their spirited new single Out Of Context. The track channels newfound energy and positivity for the duo, with a play on traditional song structures.

Out of Context fastens Sunbather’s ability to create music that fuses the spirit of enquiry and curiosity. On the track, they explain “The song is about change, and the new perspective that it brings. The lyrics were written while walking, inspired by being outside on a cold morning, when the world seems clear and sharp, the wind is blowing, and it’s like you’re seeing everything with new eyes. Love weaves hope through the good, the bad, and everything in between, and Out Of Context was written in that spirit.”

Produced and mixed by Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy, Asha Jefferies), and mastered by Matthew Gray (Carmouflage Rose, The Veronicas) Out of Context draws elements from the duo’s rock/alternative sonic landscape and highlights them with Sally’s dreamy pop-inspired vocals.

Acclaimed Australian indie-dance trio Crooked Colours have tapped RIAA platinum certified Australian rapper Masked Wolf and viral rap sensation Jasiah for their new track Light Year (Feat. Masked Wolf & Jasiah), available now. The track is accompanied by an official video starring Crooked Colours, Masked Wolf and Jasiah.

“We love that we are in a position to write music that is influenced by so many different genres without feeling like a departure from our sound,” says Crooked Colours’ Leon Debaughn. “I think that keeps it really fresh and exciting for us. We had this beat and new instantly Masked Wolf would be a perfect fit. We connected with Jasiah and he added so much energy to the track. The song encapsulates the feeling of life moving too fast and looking forward rather than being present and living in the moment.”

Masked Wolf adds “My manager sent me a beat from Crooked Colours and within 1 hour I had a chorus and verse sent back to them. It’s just one of those feel good songs no matter where you are you can plug in some headphones and be in a world of happiness listening to it.”

Black Label Society have released their second single and video for End of Days from the upcoming album, Doom Crew Inc., out Black Friday, November 26 via Spinefarm.

Watch the music video for End of Days, and see Zakk’s Burger House vs. J.D.’s Chicken Shack business chase each other in a comedic bear and panda costume when they accidentally walk into a music video with Dario and Jeff as rappers named, Shrimp Boat and Yung Chikin.

“If there is one thing that Zakk loves, it is comedy. More specifically, classic comedy (ala Mel Brooks, etc.) We both love it, and I think that’s why we work so well together. We both operate on that same wavelength where if he sends me a kernel of an idea and I immediately know where to take it,” said director Justin H. Reich. ”The “End of Days” video idea started with Zakk sending me viral videos of a panda and bear chasing each other through a mall, which I thought were hilarious and gave us a great starting point to create our own original story. It gave us plenty of funny moments and introduced characters normally not seen in a Black Label Society music video – luckily we were able to pull it off and create something fun and buzzworthy that BLS fans all over will enjoy.”

Multiple ARIA-Award winning, R&B-pop artist and proud Kuku Yalanji and Wakaman woman, Jessica Mauboy heralds her return with her brand new single Glow. A reintroduction of sorts to one of the country’s most celebrated and loved entertainers, Jessica Mauboy is looking into her future – and embracing what she sees there.

Inspired by nostalgic textures and drawn from a feeling of confidence that runs deep in her bones, Glow is destined to be the soundtrack of summer. The first new music since her 2019 ARIA #1 album Hilda and her debut release on Warner Music Australia.

The light spills out of Glow. It is pop music made divine and magical. Lyrically, it bottles up the struggle Mauboy has felt after going through periods of intense and acute personal growth. Tired of holding herself back from realising her potential, she forged ahead and, in doing so, found something close to euphoria, the sentiment echoed in the lyrics: “Maybe just let me glow / You need to let me go … I wanna do this alone / Let me be the one that I need to be to grow”

“I got tired of being a ‘yes person’. Mentally, it was self-destructive: my body and my mind were saying, Hey, you gotta really take care of yourself“ says Jessica on the new single. “Glow stems from realising it’s okay to stop, zoom out and start over fresh. It took time, but fifteen years since she first burst onto the pop charts, Jessica Mauboy has started over. I really wanted to capture that sense of knowing myself. Glow is my confidence song; It’s my reminder that I’m where I need to be, that I’m just being. And that’s okay.”

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