Collision @Ngunyawayiti Theatre, Tandanya, Adelaide 28/02/2021

Casus Circus Director Natano Fa’anana has come up with a dynamic show Collision and the only thing wrong with it is that it should’ve had a longer run. Initially running from February 24 to 27, two extra shows were added on the February 28 selling out just as quick as it was announced. Described as a ‘cross-pollination of contemporary circus and street dance’ Fa’anana has brought together dancers from Casus Circus and Mad Dance House to create an electric formation of dance battles that ‘wowed’ Fringe audiences.

Collision has a combination of hip hop beats, contemporary dance moves and stunning acrobatics from six talented artists that entertain non-stop for an hour. Whether its throwing hoops, balancing on small ledges, a breakdance battle or skilfully contorted acrobatic moves you can’t look away. The strength and timing of these artists was awe inspiring to watch. In one display they stood on their hands and with elegant movements slowly clasped each other’s legs to balance in sync. Just wow!

The show has 80s hip hop beats and classic RnB hits that makes for some edgy urban dance moves and classic early 80s freestyle breakdancing. Strutting the stage with bravado to hits like NWA’s Straight Outta Compton and Salt n Pepa’s Push It while mellowing out with the Diana Ross hit, I’m Coming Out their coordinated hand and body movements to the beat really is something to see.

The crew from Collision looked like they were having a party and they invite us to join them. While alone each dancer is a force the synergy between them as a collective adds an extra energetic element to their storytelling. It was fast and furious at times then at others graceful and reflective. Its just shame their Fringe season is over. Let’s hope they come back next year!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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