George Glass Does Art Attack @ Hillside Theatre At Gluttony, Adelaide 26/2021

Do you want to feel a deep nostalgia as you go back to your childhood and reminisce on days, when you sat and watched 90’s kids tv shows without a worry in the world? But also add some alcohol and weird adult jokes? Well, just go and experience George Glass Does Art Attack! This act is perfect if you want a unique night out with a group of fun and open-minded people who love participating in fringe shows. George Glass are entertaining alternative funk musicians from Adelaide, who play live music with hilariously odd lyrics and theatrical props while the audience work together to paint cool art.

The band play songs with bizarre themes including dating much older women, the profoundness of coffee and an ode to Arnold Schwarzenegger, while they boisterously break out into high-energy dance routines. Be prepared to enter the weirdest and wackiest experience as you get lost in the music and mayhem.

With voluntary audience participation, people become part of the show as they paint what the band plays while sometimes going rogue with inappropriately hilarious artistic interpretations of body parts. Get ready to feel a sudden and overwhelming sense of pride and excitement when a member of your party gets called onto the stage to take part in creating the night’s giant collaborative artwork. From its genesis to finality, we witness art being created in a plethora of different styles by people from all walks of life. Experiencing this trippy palette of musical, visual, comedic and theatrical art as it’s created right in front of you, is quite an organically beautiful human experience. And so much fun!

Fringe Review By Zara Zampaglione

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