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The Fringe Gods know I’ve spent a lot of my time at Gluttony during the Fringe and seen some weird, wonderful and freaky shows. I love it! Fringe is my favourite time of the year in Adelaide and I know how daunting it can be to choose a show, so I’ve compiled some of my favs and some that I think you should get up off the couch, get out of your comfort zone, and get yourself out on the town for!

Tash York and The Red Red Wines: Trash Talk

Can we name Tash York Ms. Adelaide Fringe now? It’s just not Fringe if she doesn’t perform one of her 1000 shows; ok maybe an exaggeration but she does do a hell of lot of funny and brilliant stories every year. Once again she graces Gluttony’s line up and this year with a brand new show Trash Talk. It’s the first time she’s perform a full length show to a live audience since…yes you guessed it since 2020 Adelaide Fringe. Its’ all about the trash year of what 2020 was and it has her signature song parodies, wine references (she will be accompanied by Matthew Hadgraft and Vivian Fonteyn otherwise known as The Red Red Wines) as well as lots of fun and laughter. So get ya tix to this one!

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Absolute Riot

If Andrew Bolt has called you ‘a waste of arts funding’ then you know this show has gotta be good! Filled with ‘clever puns, a horde of costumes and a rather grim view of the future’ makes for a very unique Fringe show from the very talented Miss Friby. Absolute Riot is premièring at The Lark in Gluttony and expect the unexpected. Lots of ‘exotic vocals, high end choreography and biting satire!’ With loads of awards and even making it to the 2013 Australia’s Got Talent as a finalist I say get ya tix for this one!

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After Hours Cabaret Club – LOCK IN

One of my favourite late night variety shows last year was After Hours Cabaret Club – LOCK IN. After reviewing the show I bought tickets and took my friends to see it so they can experience the cheekiest show on the Adelaide Fringe line up. It’s got it all; high-quality talented artists with the best mix of entertainment, humour and shock value. Hosted by the lady I’m now calling Ms. Adelaide Fringe, Tash York and with listed regular performer the ever fierce and unapologetic Miss Burlesque Australia 2019, Miss Bettie Bombshell you know this show is already stacked with 5 star ratings. There’s always a long line for this show and while its on late its worth the wait so get ya tix early.

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Stewart Reeve: Chameleon

If you saw last year’s David Bowie tribute Rebel then you’re no stranger to Stewart Reeve where he blew us away with his Bowie moves and this year he’s bringing his new show Chameleon to Adelaide Fringe audiences. While he’s a powerhouse vocal in his own right, he could also be known as the master of impression with performances of Frank-N-Furter to Annie Lennox, Depeche Mode, Simply Red, Robbie Williams to Macy Grey and even an re-appearance of his fierce take on Bowie! You know how it goes; Get ya tix!

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Ukulele Dream Girl: Love at a Distance

Adelaide local Phi Theodoros aka Ukulele Dream Girl is bringing back her show Love at a Distance where in 2019 for the Feast Festival she got rave reviews. I’ve seen her perform various shows a few times now and each time she radiates love and kindness so its only fitting she has brought this show back. She takes the audiences ‘on a tour of love’ sharing her stories in the unique way only the Ukulele Dream Girl can. This is her second time at Gluttony and its worth getting ya tix for!

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For information and tickets to shows at Gluttony head to Gluttony and the Adelaide Fringe

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