After Hours Cabaret Club Lock In @ Gluttony, Adelaide 14/02/2020

Having seen After Hours Cabaret Club five times with three different versions you could ask me “why should you see it again?” Because you never know what you’re going to get. This years After Hours Lock In, and I’m just going to say it straight up so I don’t waste anyone’s time who can’t be bothered reading the rest; It’s the BEST version yet! This Adelaide Fringe season After Hours has assembled a high-quality list of artists with the best mix of entertainment, humour and shock value. It really is the cheekiest version yet!

I’ve seen hundreds of Fringe shows so my expectation of amazing performances is always a little high and my shock factor level expectation even higher. Along came After Hours Lock In and BOOM! Right out of the chicken nugget loving, Queen of improvised cabaret and powerhouse vocal (yeah, yeah, a long and mouth full of a description but it’s all relevant and true!) Tash York’s mouth was “Raise your glass” calling out to us friends, lovers and anything in-between to join her in an hour of fun and hilarity on a late Friday night. I was “Locked In” just like a Who Wants To Be Millionaire answer.

York’s slick and spontaneous banter with the audience is really something every Fringe lover has to see. She’s fast and furious when she waxes lyrical giving you no time to be bored in a show where anything can go right or wrong. As host she introduces us to an eclectic mix of guests who in their own right are full of crazy big talented fun.

The line up for this evening was regular artist and the current Miss Burlesque Australia 2019, Miss Bettie Bombshell showcasing her fierce brand of burlesque. Its no wonder she’s the best in Australia with her sexy and unapologetic moves she owns the artform outright.

Keeping up with the sexy theme was Drag Queen and Celebrity Impersonator Dakota Fann’ee with her Marilyn Monroe impersonation. It was a different kind of sexy once we heard the Fuck Me song with bold and not so subtle colourful lyrics. Fann’ee was infectious to watch leaving you wanting more.

Magician Jarred Fell brought the magic to the Wonderland Spielgetent in Gluttony with his brand of funny and brazen quick pick pocket act. One lucky or unlucky guy depending how you look at it had their pockets picked at lightning speed sending us into a head spin of “How did he do that?”

Next up was Mr Hot Stuff himself Circus Artist Tro shyly showing us his buffed body of strong moves. His cheeky smile had you at “hello” with each bend, shake and balance of that finely toned muscled body. Toned. Muscle. Muscles. Cute smile. Muscle. Strength. Balance. Muscle. Ummm sorry got very distracted.

Emily Shivers was breathtaking! I’m always in awe of anyone that can balance, sway and twirl on a rope by their sheer strength. Making it seem so effortless and easy just the way she climbed and grasped the rope with her toes was enough to leave me captivated and mesmerised.

Last act was…errr….was.…well….as Tash York described “WTF!” Tara Boom certainly brought the Boom! All I can say is it involved some corn kernels, a popcorn maker, butter and salt. Oh, and some hula hoops. Really for me to reveal more than that would spoil any of the fun and shock. Yes shock. Lots of shock. I can’t eat popcorn the same ever again!

After Hours Cabaret Club Lock In has been refreshed in such a way that you would be crazy to miss it at this year’s Fringe. Its bolder, cheekier and edgier than ever before. It ticks all the boxes for a late-night show where you just want to let your hair down and have a fun night. Every week there’s new acts so you can keep going back for more!

Fringe Review by Anastasia Lambis

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