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It’s almost Fringe time where the biggest dilemma is what show to go see! How many time have you looked at the program and felt overwhelmed at all the shows that you just don’t know what to pick? Yes! I know that feeling. The Garden always has a mixture of shows to suit everyone’s taste and we’ve compiled a few shows playing in The Garden of Unearthly Delights to help break it down so you don’t have to!

Sophie Koh – Book of Songs

Sophie Koh is bringing her show Book of Songs which showcases her blend of pop sounds to Chinese poetry fused with Western classical music. There maybe a piano, cello and viola present and it may look like a classical show but Koh promises to bring the pop music with original songs and some favourite modern covers making it a hi-fi sonic show.

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Michael Simic – Caravan Songs

Think of Elvis crossed with a deeper dreamier voiced Chris Issak with the sultry looks of both artists and you have Michael Simic! No stranger to the Adelaide Fringe, Simic better known as Mikelangelo is performing his new show Caravan Songs in the Spiegeltent at The Garden. This show focuses on his family life stories including how at fifty he became a husband and a father. Its worth checking out his new single Dark Moon.

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Nobody’s Business (The Bessie Smith Story)

Known as the ‘Empress of the Blues’ the story of Bessie Smith is one of wild and crazy times. John McCall and Molly Georgia are bringing ‘wild rootsy jazz music and speakeasy indulgences’ to the Spielgeltent at The Garden and if you’re a jazz lover then get your tix! If you’re not then get yourself acquainted to the wonders of jazz with this show!

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1000 Doors – Door Within A Door

‘A door is a beginning and an end, a promise and a warning. What waits on the other side is limited only by the imagination and decided only by an action. Step across the threshold of you.’ If trying to find your way through an endless stream of door, screens, portals or gateways this experience promises ‘every entrance into this house of possibility will begin at
the same door, but no two visitors will leave the same as they entered.’

Anyone who checked out last years House of Mirrors will want to check out 1000 Doors – Door Within A Door

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COMA is the latest shipping container production at The Garden of Unearthly Delights from UK based company Darkfield. After Séance and Flight, COMA is designed to “slip into a collective dream.” Laying still on your back in bunk style beds this experience will make you question your senses and throw you into a mind frenzy. If you want intensity and the unknown then check out this show. Warning though to anyone that is claustrophobic or afraid of the dark you may want to check out the Content Warnings.

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Nathan Cavaleri – Songs and Stories

Being able to have ‘toured with B.B. King’ on your CV when you’re just a teenager is a pretty big deal. When you can also say you’ve played for Bill Clinton or alongside great like Bonnie Rait and Etta James that’s an even bigger deal! This show has some new songs along with fan favourites showcasing Cavaleri’s guitar skills and musicality.

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For information and tickets about shows head to The Garden Of Unearthly Delights and the Adelaide Fringe

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