Spacey Jane, Glowing @ The Gov, Adelaide 29/1/2021

First things first it was great to be back at the home of live music in Adelaide at The Gov. It has been a long time but what a gig to pick to see in Spacey Jane and Adelaide locals Glowing. Spacey Jane are riding high right now on the crest of this wave that doesn’t like breaking any time soon. In short, they were fantastic! They played with so much energy and excitement that it was almost like their life depended on it. Adelaide band Glowing really relished playing to sold out crowds for the last three nights. They have a big rock sound and the tunes off their new EP No Fun are really good. Definitely one Adelaide band to keep an eye out in 2021.

Spacey Jane hit the stage to raucous applause with their walk on anthem AC/DC’s Highway To Hell blaring in the background. The excitement was building and their launched in to their opening song Skin. Hot damn! Holy fuck! The band was smoking, they sounded brilliant and it seemed as if they have been around a lot longer than they have they were that good. Cold Feet followed to which Caleb Harper commented that the crowd was very loud and they were happy as it has been the first time out of WA for a long time. Peppa Lane acknowledge the traditional land owners the Kaurna people which is really important and something that is rarely acknowledged at shows.

So many great songs crammed in to the hour long set with Good Grief and Wasted On Me getting the crowd excitable. Caleb checked in with the crowd to see if they were still having fun evening commenting that this was their third seated show making for quite the vibe. Even drummer Kieran Lama reflected on being able to sit and chill behind the drums as well before going in to the band intros. The next bit was loaded with awesome singles Feeding The Family, Straightfaced and Head Cold. The next song was epic and no doubt a career defining one with Booster Seat getting a huge applause sending the crowd in to hyperdrive. Caleb thanked the crowd for voting and making this one reach number two in the Triple J Hottest 100 dubbed the “best day of his life”.

The crowd chanted for one more song and they got more than that with Caleb responding “if you say so!” Still Running, what a song, kicked things up a gear in the encore before finishing on Thrills and Good For You. Terrific show! There’s no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from Spacey Jane this year and deservedly so with top notch album Sunlight they will be playing much bigger venues for sure but we can say for one thing that we saw them at the home of live music The Gov.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

Set List

Cold Feet
Good Grief
Wasted On Me
Feeding The Family
Head Cold
Booster Seat

Still Running
Good For You

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