UK Glam rock trio Tremendous are exactly that. The band features guitarist/ vocalist Mark Dudzinski, bassist Ryan Jee and drummer Dave Lee and they released their debut album Relentless right in the midst of a global pandemic to world wide acclaim. Their album was recorded in London, Birmingham and Sweden and is packed full of great tunes including the likes of Like Dreamers Do, Rock ‘n Roll Satellite and Don’t Leave Our Love (Open For Closing). Hi Fi Way spoke to Mark Dudzinski about the album.

How did you celebrate Christmas and how do glam rockers bring in the New Year?
We were in lockdown mate, so I was in my flat drinking tequila getting cabin fever. How glamorous eh?

Is it getting better in the UK as the world grapples with how to curtail COVID-19?
It’s all up in the air so just trying to stay positive like everyone else. It’s all we can really wish for right now.

Having a new album come out during a global pandemic, did that make things even harder?
Yeah, well its all a bit strange. We are in a lot of the major magazines but unfortunately most of the shops are closed. Its just bad timing but I’m glad we released it now as we just don’t know what big changes the music industry faces. However on a good note the online reception from press and radio has been incredible.

Has the reaction to the debut album Relentless been pleasing?
I really didn’t expect this much press so soon since the release. Very proud.

Are you staggered with how far and wide your music has reached around the world?
Well that’s the beauty of the internet. It has its good and bad but for us we’ve been pretty fortunate so far.

Have you kept writing for album number two and do you think the sound will change much on the album?
I’m actually about a quarter way through writing the second album. It’s going to be a lot harder sounding or at least how its sounds in my head at the moment. Lets just see how it translates when it does finally bubble over into reality.

How would you describe the band TREMENDOUS to Australian music fans?
Sort of a hybrid of 70s British Glam but with the guitar driven sound of 80s n’ 90s Melodic Rock/Power Pop.

How did you all meet?
I’d like to say we were created in Area 51… but it was just plain old music ads.

What bands have significantly influenced the Tremendous sound?
T. Rex, Guns N’ Roses, David Bowie, Aerosmith. Way too many to mention.

Are you itching to get back on the road? Maybe Australia?
Oh we’d love to! We’re just keeping our heads down for now till all this blows over, but maybe we’ll surprise you.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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