San Cisco made the most of the challenges of 2020 to release one of their finest albums to date Between You And Me which is loaded with great singles such as On The Line, Messages and Alone. San Cisco will be playing at the Adelaide Festival which will no doubt be a sell out as this will be the first time Adelaide fans will be able to see this album brought to life. Hi Fi Way speaks to Scarlett Stevens about the new album and playing the Adelaide Festival.

It must be great to be finally able to talk about playing shows outside of Western Australia?
Yeah, it feels a bit surreal and exciting at the same time.

Was that one of the biggest frustrations to come out of last year is having such a great album like Between You And Me and not really be able to tour it because of what was going on globally?
Thank you, we’re super proud of Between You And Me and it felt like it may have fell on deaf ears but I think people were at home listening to music more than ever so that was a plus. It is part of the album that when you release something then you tour it for the next two years. In the whole scheme of things with what was going on in the world it wasn’t the biggest deal.

Do you feel really proud with how the album has resonated with fans?
Yeah, definitely! I think the response has been amazing. We did get to tour in WA and I think there was some pay off there getting to see everyone who resonated with those songs. The album has so much potential in a live setting and to bring it to life was a real positive end to what was a shit year.

Do you see the album as being a time capsule of sorts capturing a particular point in time and what you and the band were going through at the time?
I think it was a bit of both, definitely takes me back to a few places where we were recording but also touring as well. We were still finishing off the album right up until COVID hit so it does explains a lot of things. It was a snap shot of our lives and what we had been through in the last three years.

How do you think the San Cisco sound has evolved over the last couple of albums?
Our influences have been evolving and for this record we had been listening to classic rock and country which inspired tracks such as When I Dream and On The Line has a country influence. Lyrically I don’t think it’s so much a formula but something that is sincere but something that can be a bit tongue in cheek and still playful. I think we have stuck to our roots given that maybe our influences have changed. We have matured a lot as players, gotten better and the focus hasn’t been about writing a hit song for this album but writing an acoustic song if we wanted and that there would be a place for it.

Do you think that things are easier as a three piece now?
We have been a three piece in the sense of song writing since Gracetown and we figured out that worked best in the studio. On this album it was the first time we announced and showcased that San Cisco is Jordi, Josh and myself. That was nice to be able to show our fans who we are at the core but then it has been amazing playing with other bass players. We’ve had Jenni, Nick and now we have Mitchell. We feel like we have hit our stride and it feels like we have a really good chemistry.

Having more time at home, has that been a silver lining and being able to learn more about your own personal resilience?
I would love to say it was a huge year for us personally but there were a lot of failed attempts at finishing tasks and cooking sour dough. I think making the most of what has been a terrible situation and finding ways to connect with fans through music was important. We are lucky being in WA where there weren’t any restrictions by the end of the year. We were very fortunate that we could have some normalness in our lives.

Has there been any thoughts about what might be album number five?
No, we wanted to enjoy releasing an album and celebrate what we had done in the lead up to that. Try and push through as business as usual in terms of getting an album out and celebrating the successes along the way.

How much are you looking to getting back to Adelaide to play the Adelaide Festival?
Absolutely, the line up looks awesome and hopefully we will be able to get to watch some other bands play or see some plays. Our set will be greatest hits and memories with most of the album being played.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Tickets for San Cisco who play at the Summerhouse at the Adelaide Festival on Friday 26 February. Tickets from the Adelaide Festival.

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