Following the release of their dreamy single Lemonade, Australian/English duo HUX are set to kickstart the next chapter of their career as they gear up for the release of their forthcoming EP. Continuing to tease the project with their irresistible rhythms, Headrush is another slice of infectious indie-pop from the pair. Discovered by Toby Smith from Jamiroquai who started developing and recording them straight out of school, George and Pat have since been touring London’s coveted music venues, landing a support slot for Robbie Williams at Camden’s Roundhouse. The pair also came second in a national competition last year for Hoax, judged by Cenzo Townsend (Kaiser Chiefs, U2), Joe Rubel (Ed Sheeran) and Jesse Quinn (bass player for Keane). George Huxtable from the band answers a few questions about the new single.

Are you feeling optimistic about the year ahead for HUX?
Definitely optimistic in the sense that we’re sitting on a pile of good tunes we’ve written through the Covid abyss. The thing we love most about what we do is playing live and being in the studio with everyone, so with all the uncertainty it’s a case of trying to supress too much excitement to reduce any potential disappointment, if that makes sense… Generally speaking there’s a lot to look forward to.

On reflection how was 2020 for the band?
Was definitely tough – like everyone, not being able to share the same space for writing/ recording/ hanging out etc as much as we’d want to was frustrating BUT, we did put out two singles which we are stoked about, and so far people seem to dig them. Just wish we could’ve got to play them live!

Is there quite a bit of excitement within the band as you build towards your forthcoming EP?
We think they’re a really cool collection of songs, and we worked with some ace people along the way, it’s very exciting, yeah. It’s also gonna be great having them all out in the world so we can start coordinating the next one.

What is the story behind the single Headrush?
It’s about that feeling of excitement you get in the early stages of being with someone, and being able to feel the same way over time. It was framed romantically but it’s definitely acknowledging gratitude for the people who are constants in a constantly changing world.

Have you been pleased by the reaction to the single?
Really happy, especially considering our ‘organic reach’ and the fact that we haven’t been able to gig it around the place. It’s not a typically commercial track so to have the positive reaction we’ve felt so far is really assuring.

How did you get discovered by Toby Smith from Jamiroquai?
I (George) had some singing lessons in school and was putting together a jammy little EP that my teacher seemed to like, and he said he knew this bloke down the road that he’d send it to. Turned out it was Toby from Jamiroqui which was mental, and super bloody random. Dad was even more excited about it. Toby messaged me on Facebook a week or so later and I went and hung out with Toby at his place, and soon got Pat involved when we started working together.

Was that encounter something dreams are made from?
Man, he was so inspiring to be around, so laid back, so cool, so funny, and totally committed to quality. His studio is a beautiful converted barn in the middle of nowhere. We have such good memories there, and so much good has stemmed from that time.

How would you describe the band sonically?
The eternally challenging question! We definitely came from a more acoustic angle, and we have such diverse influences… Ultimately we’re bringing those acoustic-y, guitar-y elements we started out with, and pushing the boat out, experimenting with more commercial production which has been rad. We’ve recently been described as ‘alt-pop’, ‘breezy pop’, ‘summer vibes’ etc. I think we’re aiming for something catchy, lyrically interesting and fun to play/listen to live. Ask us again in a week.

Are there plans to tour if you are able this year?
We wanted to expand our reach and get some shows booked in around the country for sure, I’d imagine if things start opening up again this year we’ll leap at anything that comes up. I think the main thing is taking the opportunity to create a strong foundation behind the scenes, coming up with new material to get ready for the day we can get back out there.

What’s next for HUX?
It’s a dream to put a full band together so that’s definitely in our minds going forward. Most importantly though… Putting out new music to wrap your ears around soon.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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