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2019 saw The Pretty Visitors burst onto the scene with the release of four demos that have got people taking notice. They have played some big shows in UK supporting the likes of artists such as Circa Waves, Jaws, The Family Rain, Sisteray and Cassia. Pre-COVID 2020 was full throttle as the band make their intentions very clear that they aren’t here to mess around. Their debut single Mystery Woman is fantastic and their second single Head In The Sand is a cracker. The band drop by to talk about their music and what’s on the horizon for 2021.

Do you feel optimistic about 2021 or do you take it day by day at the moment?
We feel as optimistic as we can be. The amount of gigs we’ve had to reschedule and cancel is sometimes unbearable, but we’ve kept our head down, written lots of songs and remained in contact with each other throughout which I think has kept us largely positive. But yeah, in answer to your question we think day by day and do what it’s in our capability to do in these unprecedented times.

Being a band to watch in 2021 do you feel that adds a little bit of extra pressure?
I don’t think it does. It’s been a steady process of building and building since we’ve reformed, and the songwriting has got stronger, our bonds have become more unified and we’ve improved live – so I think this feels natural for us. We’re just really excited for more and more people to find us and enjoy our tunes, of which the next bunch will be our best yet.

How hard has it been to get together to write and record new music?
It’s been hard to get into a room and jam together to figure out things that way, but the internet has been a saviour for bouncing song ideas back and forth. We all have garageband and a means to create home demos, so it actually works out ok in terms of creativity. We also managed throughout last year to get into the studio to record three new songs whenever the restrictions allowed, so we put a foot in the right direction regarding that too.

Have you learnt a lot about yourself and your personal resilience being in lockdown several times?
I think it has made us stronger in picking ourselves back up, but I also believe we’ve always had a determination and resilience in pushing our music out there when it felt like no one in the industry wanted to listen.

How did the band get together?
Three of us met at college and one joined after coincidentally meeting on a football trip in Amsterdam. It was immediately apparent that Aaron (Guitar) and I (Connor: vocals, guitar) shared so many of the same musical tastes. We swapped CD’s, taught each other bits of guitar and just organically started creating things. When Jack (Drums) and Sam (Bass) joined something just seemed to click. It became an instinctual need to create something and comment on our lives, and each one of us complimented each other easily to make the songs the best they could be.

How would you describe the band sonically to Australian audiences?
I think the entry genre is Indie rock. That’s primarily what we are but our sound is really varied, and you’re likely to hear undertones of blues, psychedelia and punk with the different songs. There’s even an element of spoken word to our stuff which has been inspired by a long admiration of hip-hop too.

Did you have that feeling early that you had some amazing songs?
I think we did have that feeling and to be honest they were probably ill-informed looking back on some of the first songs we wrote. We all could barely play aside from Jack, but being friends really seemed to give us an edge and glimpses of our potential in certain moments.

Who do you consider to be your musical heroes?
We all have really varied tastes, but there are some artists we all have a mutual love for. All of us love Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and The Rolling Stones, so I guess that’s the four cornerstones to our collective tastes – but then individually those wouldn’t even make it into our top five artists, so it’s quite interesting in the way it all comes out in our tunes.

How much do you miss playing live shows and going on tour?
Words can’t describe how much, playing live is our favourite thing. It’s the life force and essence to being in a band and without it you just feel lost. We hope live shows can return soon enough and the venues can be saved to host us once again.

What’s next for The Pretty Visitors?
We actually have a new single coming out hopefully in March called Western Skies, which is definitely the best thing we’ve recorded and we’re really looking forward to you all hearing it! I think after that we might potentially focus on an EP, something with more of a musical journey and story that can show our style more.

What’s an interesting fact that most wouldn’t know about The Pretty Visitors?
We’re actually made up of three Portsmouth FC fans and one Southampton FC fan, which over here in the UK is the biggest football rivalry on the south coast – I don’t know how we’ve been together this long to be honest!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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