Emily Wurramara Unveils “Cruisin”

Emily Wurramara unveils her stunning new single Cruisin’, along with a moving music video that beautifully captures the essence of day-to-day life, spending time with friends and family, cruising around the neighbourhood.

The first song to come from her anticipated second studio album, due for release in 2021, Cruisin’ is the debut single for Emily’s new label home, ABC Music. It’s a poignant ballad that begins acoustic, stripped back and raw, before swelling into a melodic, uplifting showcase of Emily’s gorgeous vocal, and closing with a jubilant call and response.

Emily tells the story and inspiration behind Cruisin’

“I had no idea why I wrote it at the time; I was feeling trapped, isolated. I just wanted to cruise to a place that made me happy. Two weeks after I wrote the song my Godbrother Dion died in a car accident. Dion was the only big brother I came to know in Meanjiin, he’d always look after me at parties, when we were out and about, and we fought exactly like brother and sister too. I knew that this song was written for him.

“On the same day he passed I was performing at a festival in Queensland, it was one of the hardest shows I’ve ever done. I had Dion’s photo next to me whilst I sang. I remember I had a CD signing after the show and I had so many people come up and say these beautiful things and this one Aunty came up and gave me the biggest hug and whispered to me, “It’s okay to live after death”. That really stuck with me.

“Cruisin’ is a universal word that also means “going somewhere. It’s something we absolutely loved doing together, it’s something that Dion loved doing.”

Filmed in Meeanjin (Brisbane) where Emily now lives, the video shows the artist with her mob, spending time cruising through suburban streets and backyards. Powerful in its simplicity, it’s a stirring reminder to take stock of the everyday, to find joy in life’s simple moments.

Hailing from Groote Eylandt, Emily Wurramara is an important First Nations voice.

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