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Boasting a rich musical pedigree, it’s no surprise that explosive newcomer Grace Farriss is sure to impress and set tongues wagging as she shares her impressive debut single, All The People from forthcoming album Grace.

In a nutshell, Grace Farriss is a poet, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, painter, artist, author and environmentalist. Born into an artistic and musical family and the daughter of rock and roll royalty, Grace grew up in the United Kingdom and Australia, her parents Shelley Farriss, a lead theatre actor and yoga teacher and Andrew Farriss, a farmer and the main composer and songwriter for INXS. Having played guitar for most of her life after being gifted a nylon string guitar from her parents for her twelfth birthday. Grace tells Hi Fi Way a little more about the single and forthcoming album.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of your single All The People?
It has been really long and a lot of reflecting even the whole song came through to me in an hour period. I wrote the song about four years ago. So it is a beautiful moment to have my song All The People out and in other people’s lives. When I wrote it I knew it was a song for the people and not just for me. I can tell the songs that are there for myself and the songs that are there for every-one else.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?Writing comes very naturally to me and it always has. I have written over three thousand songs so All The People was just another leaf on the tree for me. All The People came to me in an hour. The groove, the feel, the bass, the layers, the sounds, the melody and the lyrics all within an hour. I have had quite a few songs come through me this way. This is when I believe and I know I am completely in flow.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Classical, Orchestral, Pure, Experimental

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
Hymns and Classical music and the natural world have had the biggest influence on my music because of their simplicity and instant peace they can bring me.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
“Always be yourself”

What is the Grace Farriss life story?
I was born in Australia into an amazing family and we lived and grew up on a large working farm and also close to the ocean. We moved to England where my brother and sister were born. We lived in around ten houses before I was the age of eight. Which were all beautiful architecturally and I am still in awe of. We were surrounded by music and the arts growing up, horse riding and gardening. We grew up with infamous paintings on our wall and a beautiful one hundred and eighty five year old grand piano where I learnt to play the piano. I was given a nylon string acoustic guitar at the age of twelve and was already writing a lot of poetry by then. I then began writing a lot and by the time I was eighteen I had written two thousand songs.

I then formed a band and gained some further interest in collaboration with other musicians. All the while I continued to paint, embroider, knit, horse ride, swim in the ocean and I love yoga and gardening. I then wrote my entire album Grace which took me two years to conceptualise, especially the arrangements, sounds and compositions and I then flew over to Los Angeles America and recorded my album Grace with some of the greatest musicians in the world in our time. This is the genius of great musicians. They knew exactly how to interpret what I say and converted all of the layers and the structure of each section of each song that only I could know. As I had most of the songs already for fifteen years. I felt I knew them so well. Which I think helped a lot in the recording process. The last couple of days of recording I became very emotional and very overwhelmed with excitement and happiness.

It was one of the proudest and happiest moments of my life completing my album Grace. I am now releasing my album Grace and my own environmental organisation called “The Grace Earth Organisation” which will launch towards November/December 2020. I am also completing my book Poems, Sayings and Stories which will be published and released upon the release of my album Grace.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
I would love to do a live version of my music and to have that wonderful experience of having everyone feel the same emotions through the songs and the music.

What’s next for Grace Farriss?
I am looking forward to and very excited for the release of my album Grace.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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