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Melbourne’s Jade Imagine returns with a new EP, You Remind Me of Something I Lost. Following the band’s acclaimed 2019 debut album Basic Love, You Remind Me of Something I Lost is a compelling collection of sparse, introspective tracks typical of Jade Imagine’s signature mix of art-rock, pop and new wave.

Jade Imagine have been gracing stages around the world since they formed in 2016. You Remind Me of Something I Lost showcases the band’s deep and searching side. Front woman Jade McInally (vocals, guitar, synths) writes lyrics of meditative exploration, her voice subtle and dynamic. Tim Harvey (Emma Louise, Real Feelings) and James Harvey (Teeth & Tongue) complete Jade Imagine’s core lineup, with bass on these recordings provided by Liam “Snowy” Halliwell (Snowy Band, The Ocean Party), for the last recordings from this original Jade Imagine line-up. Jade answers some questions about the release for Hi Fi Way.

How did the band celebrate the release of You Remind Me of Something I Lost?
We all went to our drummer, James’ place and had a big lunch together (a socially distanced lunch, of course). It was the first time we’d all been in the same room in like three months because of the restrictions, so we all were pretty excited!

With everything that is going on do you feel it is a relief that it’s out?
It’s a strange time to be releasing music, to say the least. It’s been a humbling time. I’ve tried to balance the promotion of the EP release with a lot of trying to ‘shut up and listen’ to the other things that are super important. Learning all I can about the Black Lives Matter movement abroad and here, in so-called Australia. Obviously that will be an ongoing mission. I’d like to think that now that the EP is out, it will hopefully find the people who need it most.

Do you think your sound has changed much on this EP?
Not necessarily changed, but I think we went a little softer in parts and a little harder in other parts.

If you had to sum up this EP in a few words for a review what would you say?
Songs from the coast, suburbs & under the sea.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given about recording in the studio?
Make yourself as comfortable as you would be at your own home and don’t forget to eat food! Also when I was in high school I was taught how to roll leads properly. I feel like that is a good thing to know for spending time in studios.

With no gigs on yet have you continued to work on new songs?
Sure have! We’ve got more than an album’s worth so far. I’ve also been doing other creative stuff too like cooking, ceramics, painting, reading, writing, bringing creative expression into daily life.

Is the plan to work towards an album?
I guess that’s the plan, yep! But this album will have a twist. Not gonna let that cat out of the bag just yet though 😉

Having more time have you learnt a new skill or taken up a new hobby?
I know there’s been a huge spike in people making sourdough and I must admit I’ve got amongst that action too… I really gave it a red hot go and totally feel like I’ve learned a new skill that will be with me for life. I find bread-making super meditative and calming for my anxiety / pms. lol

Has it taken a bit of adjusting to playing gigs online?
We’ve played quite a few online streamed gigs now, and I gotta say, they’re so, so different to playing IRL. I’m not sure I’ll ever completely adjust to the strange feeling of playing to a tiny screen. It’s so weird! Haha. The main thing I learnt was just to have fun (revolutionary I know) and to focus on getting a good vibe going in the room for myself. For me, that usually involves a glass of wine or putting silly IG filters on my screen to make myself laugh.

Where to next for Jade Imagine?
Just trying to keep my eyes and ears open for inspiration. Writing as much as I can by myself and with the band and other people so that hopefully we can record some bangers! I’ve always got a thousand ideas in the works so just gotta keep chipping away at it all.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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