Josh Pyke Shares New Single

One of Australia’s favourite storytellers, Josh Pyke has shared his affecting new single Don’t Let It Wait, a bittersweet song written to inspire us all to enjoy every moment. This is the fourth single to be shared from Pyke’s impending album Rome, set for release on August 28, with the track complemented by a fittingly heartwarming video.

“Don’t Let It Wait is a song that now feels entirely prescient. I hope the sentiment in the song is one that people feel as we move out of the worst of Covid-19,” explains Pyke. “Releasing music during this time has been a huge challenge, but this is what I love and how I engage with the world, and the idea of holding back on that goes against what this particular song is about. It feels especially right to release this song at a time like this as it is about grabbing a moment. Tell the person you love how you feel, dive into the ocean when you have the chance. We get so caught up in the daily grind we often leave things for later, and by the time we come back around, the moment has passed. This song is a reminder to myself as much as anyone to seize the day.”

The video for Don’t Let It Wait was worked from conception to completion by Jefferton James and Dimity Kennedy from Mountain Folks Films and features Dimity’s 91-year-old Nana dancing to the song in her living room. “It’s a celebration of life, organic and joyous and perfectly embodies the idea of seizing a moment,” explains Pyke. “Jefferton and I have been working together since 2010, and he’s done lots of clips and art for me in the past. He’s responsible for all the clips for Rome so far, as well as the album art, and the lyric book art. He’s an all round creative legend.”

Rome is Pyke’s long-awaited follow-up to Pyke’s 2015 LP But For All These Shrinking Hearts – which debuted at Number 2 in Australia – and marks his return to his solo career following a two-year break from the stage.

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