Sheppard Find Inspiration In La La Land on Lead Single “Symphony”

Los Angeles is an evocative place. For most Australians, LA exists as vivid beachside mansions, the wild throng of Venice Beach, the rich tapestry of its food scene, the dizzying stories of Hollywood. For Australian band Sheppard, the City of Angels acted as a muse for their most jubilant single to date.

Written in December 2019 during a songwriting trip to LA with hit makers The Orphanage (frequent collaborator with Demi Lovato, Alessia Cara), Sheppard’s new single Symphony is an unashamedly joyous pop song, packed with classic Sheppard hooks, smothered in upbeat melodies and bursting with stadium sized euphoria.

“There’s not a single minor chord in this song, just a massive, uplifting declaration of love” Said George Sheppard. “Our previous singles from the upcoming release have all been love songs, but with hints at deeper, more serious topics. On Symphony, we wanted to go all out and write a huge, stadium sized pop song”.

Reminiscent of acts like Coldplay, The 1975, The Killers and OneRepublic, who have all been inspired by the seemingly endless possibilities of LA, Sheppard too were seduced by the grandeur of La La Land; a city that helped the band find the inspiration they needed conjured up their largest and most ambitious song to date.

“Symphony, our song for June, is about someone who was living without inspiration, but finds himself bursting with music, colour and creativity after finding love.” Said George Sheppard

The theme of colours and love continues in the band’s latest lyric video; filmed entirely in Sheppard’s hometown of Brisbane as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions eased, the music video for Symphony imagines a world where love is visible to the beholder.

“When you’re in love all the colours of life appear brighter, happier and more lively. For the “Symphony” music video we wanted to capture the experience of falling in love and what that would look like if you could see it. We felt that integrating animation into the clip was a fun and vibrant way of portraying “Love”. – Amy Sheppard

Released track by track, month by month, and accompanied by videos, art and content splashed across the bands social channels, Sheppard’s forthcoming 2020 release will slowly begin to take shape over the coming months. Symphony is the band’s seventh release from the forthcoming album.

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