Currents “The Way It Ends”

Exploring personal conflicts, societal chaos and environmental concerns, Currents are back with their second album The Way It Ends. Packed with a whole lot of issues, this explosive record punches emotion into every track through structured compositions, hard but versatile vocals and memorable breakdowns.

The Connecticut band are Brian Wille on vocals, Chris Wiseman and Ryan Castaldi on guitar, Christian Pulgarin on bass, and Matt Young as the band’s drummer.

A Flag To Wave is the bands second track on the album. It is about the search for identity and purpose and smashes these ideas through an earth-shattering instrumental introduction as well as Willes’ arguably most intense vocals on the album. Poverty Of Self continues showing Willes’ deep, droning and crazy vocals, with an awesome breakdown at the song’s end.

Listeners are also acquainted with slower sounds highlighting Willes’ softer vocals as he sings various verses in Monster and Split. Wiseman and Castaldi’s guitar riffs are also a great stand out in Monster. Catastrophic hardships, trauma and uncertainty are explored in the cathartic and powerful lyrics, particularly in Kill The Ache. Fast-paced melodies and instrumentals are perfectly balanced with contemplative introductory verses and vocals. Currents compose expressive and confrontational tracks throughout the entire album in an engaging and detailed music style.

Released by SharpTone Records, this metal and hardcore album is a satisfying listen. It has the right amount of social commentary and exploration of personal struggles pieced together by punching drum beats and guitar riffs, and crushing vocals. The Way It Ends is a powerfully unique and emotional album by Currents and is out everywhere this June.

Album Review By Zara Zampaglione

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