Aussie brothers, Travalley have dropped their seriously fun, raucous new single, Dear Babe. The track is accompanied by a fittingly bonkers video that sees the duo, Levi and Sam Mellington, munch through as many chillies as possible throughout the duration of the clip.

Upbeat and hooky as all get out, this driving indie rock track will be lapped up by fans of Lime Cordiale, The Jungle Giants, Hockey Dad and Skegss, and will have listeners toe-tapping, singing along with the insanely catchy backing vocals and coming back for more. Recorded in a Melbourne home studio, engineered by Fabian Hunter and mixed and mastered by Austin Asvanonda (The War on Drugs), Dear Babe is about lead singer Levi’s lack of ability to be able to flirt or express how he feels. Levi answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of Dear Babe?
I don’t think we really had a build up to the release. It took us a month to write, record and release it. We had about six days from it being finished that we could actually start promoting it. So the build up was non existent but the funny thing is this is our best performing song by far. Pressure makes diamonds.

Was the process of making Dear Babe as challenging as you thought it would be?
Not really, it was one of those songs that happened quite naturally and came out extremely quick. The song is in a drop tuning so figuring out how to play it was probably the most challenging part. I really enjoy the writing process of songs so it never is really a challenge more an elongated experiment.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Big, high energy, catchy and fun. Most of our songs use very familiar chord progressions which definitely helps people recognise the Travalley sound you hear. We also try to make the song stand out and the lyrics sit behind the song. We find by doing this we can focus heavily on the song itself and then work on the lyrics last which we try to make simple and catchy so people at our shows can sing along.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
Jungle Giants mainly because they have given us the chord structure to use. Pretty much every one of our songs uses the same chord structure so they have been extremely influential on our sound and aided in the creative process.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
I always used to struggle thinking on stage. I would over analyse what I was doing or thinking about what people thought of me. “Do I look stupid the way I am standing right now” was a huge one which I am sure a heap of musicians go through. The best bit of advice was to not worry about how you look on stage because no matter what you will always look weird doing nothing. This really helped me relax and get the crowd involved and just enjoy myself.

How did the band get together?
Haha, well the drummer is my brother and that’s all my bandmates in a nutshell. We are a two piece so everything came together quite organically. I just asked Sam if he wanted to try the two piece as we were originally a four piece and the rest is history.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
We would love to do an east coast tour very soon ! We have started to get a heap of listeners in Sydney and Brissy so we would love to travel and play in those towns. I think seeing what the east coast has to offer would be amazing !

What’s next for Travalley?
What’s next for us is really up to how the response from Dear Babe goes. IF we get a solid response from it we will definitely keep releasing music as much as possible. We have three songs ready to be released so you might see them around the corner. We also have this thing called Travfest that we are going to start doing which is going to incorporate some pretty funk new material from yours truly.

Have you eaten chilies since the making of the video?
I have been off chillies since, I honestly thought that eating that many chillies would have helped my immunity to the cause but I still feel every last inch of pain from chillies.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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