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Crystal Ignite has released her new single Black Mamba and its a banger! Described as pulsating electronica and deep, heavy grooves her music gets to your heart and soul with shades of light and dark. Her honest, bare-all and fearless energy comes from the many hardships in life but as always she manages to rise to the top finding her groove through her music.

Black Mamba is the first single off her forthcoming album due out later in the year and Crystal Ignite chatted to the Hi-Fi Way about her journey and how things are coming along with her new music.

Your new single is Black Mamba, tell us what the song is about?
It’s got a lot of meanings to it but basically, I wanted to write something that would be inspiring to other people. A song of inspiration coming from the darkness, a difficult path and being able to use that as fuel to transform and actually make something of your life. Its about different things about my life, my childhood and even recently I have been challenged with abusive behaviour in people. I’ve had to heal that. I had to learn how to not let that affect me and to take that energy and instead channel into my music. It’s about sharing that insight of what I was able to do which would be debilitating for anyone to deal with so it’s basically turning darkness into light.

What was the process of creating that song? I sensed a bit of angst in the vocals and the sound of Black Mamba.
I had a vision and the vocals really wrote themselves. There was a verse, a pre-chorus and a chorus without music to start with and aside from the intro that Michael wrote which is that electronic piece at the start. I had this vision of what I wanted and it took a long time to find the right people I for the sound. I knew I wanted a fresh sounding sound, I wanted something forward, I wanted to create a new sound and it is with a female vocal. I haven’t heard anything that sounds like that before.

You can put it into any genre or category you want but the reality is there’s a massive gap for female fronted music in this genre. We wanted to do heavy music that you could dance to that was uplifting but still capture people into their darkness and turn it into light. There are not many people doing this which is good!

Do you find song writing cathartic?
Oh yeah! Amazingly. Definitely. It was something that for a long time I needed to survive. It was like a drug for me in a way. It was a healing tool. It was one of many healing tools that I used. No matter what I was going through or feeling, music made me feel alive and it brought me peace. Its like it gives you that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and chest. I guess I follow my heart and my heart always wanted to do was music because it felt good.

Was music a way for you to release all kinds of energy with in you?
Absolutely! One hundred percent! I was letting out some of the feelings that was going on in my life. I had a lot defamation going on from someone that abused me and that was really challenging so that was my way of letting it out. Using music as my tool instead of retaliating. Essentially the Black Mamba represents the snake. It’s the symbol of revenge. It is another spiritual principal people didn’t realise that with my music, just listening to it shifts their vibration. The song is saying that my revenge is making art. Instead of seeking revenge I took that energy and used it in a positive way. Music has always been a means to release that negative energy.

I’m writing the best music of my life now. Instead of being a victim, negative or down about what happened to me, I’m not going to like that because I’ve mastered these healing processes and I’ve learnt how to manifest and change my life to reinvent my life. You can literally come from nothing and turned it around so quickly and that’s a powerful thing. My music connects to all the things that have happened in my life.

Your album is due out later this year. What can we expect from the other songs for this album?
Its exciting. We are writing some songs for the planet right now. There’re big things happening in the planet, a lot bigger than a virus so we are writing all of that. We have other songs as well that we wrote last year that we are tidying up.

Black Mamba is the first single of many to come out. I’m really excited about the sound. It blends progressive metal, electronic and all kinds of genres. There’re about six more tracks that are in the works at the moment and four more to write to finish off the album. We will be releasing singles all year with videos. We just can’t put a time frame on it in regards to isolation.

The album is due out later this year. We will just see how it all pans out because of the isolation situation. It kind of changes things a bit as I felt it was a time I had to go with in myself. With all that is going on I had to pause some of the things that I was doing. I felt like I had to let the world go through what it needs to go through before I can continue.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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