The Teskey Brothers “Live At The Forum”

Live At The Forum is the perfect memento that captures the last twelve months or so for The Teskey Brothers. Wow! These guys can seriously play, with two killer albums Half Mile Harvest and Run Home Slow to their credit and a powerful live show that just needs to be experienced. In a test of strength of their live show it is an absolute credit to the band that this live album has soared all the way to number one on the ARIA chart, the first since 1992’s AC/DC Live. There’s no doubt that as avid music lovers we’re missing live shows terribly right now.

Playing at The Forum in the heart of Melbourne captures the spirit and intensity of their live show. The accompanying documentary on YouTube is worth a look also. Equally as impressive the band committed to difficult task of recording to analogue tape during their sold out four night stand at The Forum. Even the band themselves conceded that recording to tape these days is crazy but takes the performance to a whole new level.

The Teskey Brothers have some incredible songs but one from this live recording that stands out is San Francisco which is about how much they have had to adjust to the travelling lifestyle of being in a band and being in another airport. The band have no doubt said goodbye to their twenties and are roaring in to their thirties. Equally as impressive are the likes of Hold Me, Pain & Misery, Louisa and So Caught Up. The John Lennon cover of Jealous Guy is so, so good.

Live At The Forum is a fantastic live album which also sounds amazing on double blue vinyl (which also has a slightly different cover). There’s no doubt I’ll, and many others, will be looking forward to seeing The Teskey Brothers live when this crisis passes over.

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