Charli XCX “How I’m Feeling Now”

As Charli XCX sings on the first track Pink Diamond she wants to “go real hard” and on this new release she gives that a real red hot go. How I’m Feeling Now is the fourth release from the English singer/ songwriter has all the futuristic sounds with catchy pop synth vibes for you to get immersed into her world. There’s a trance like beat in each song that’s addictive and Charli XCX knows how to make ordinary beats sound so new and fresh.

forever has a futuristic thumping beat taking you into a sythn wonderland. Love, insecurity and anxiety themes dominate the album and that’s ok. In these isolating times aren’t we all in the same boat in some sense anyway and can relate? claws is sweet and pulsating at the same time while track 7 years has American producer BJ Burton on hand to help out.

detonate is an emotional roller-coaster of beats that gives off a fun and lollypop vibe. Repeating the line of “Why should you love me?” which is the running theme of insecurities in the lyrics. enemy has a dreamier vibe, while i finally understand and c2.0 have a racier pumped up beat. party 4 u gets back to a slower entrancing beat before anthems gets back to a crazed-up feel with an urgent beat that goes hard and pulsating to slow before an abrupt stop.

Like the start of the album where it goes hard, visions is a club like vibe to end the album which you need to be reminded that at this point in COVID-19 times you can only listen to it in your home. Get some strobe lights and shiny disco balls for this one!

There’s always a certain maturity in the futuristic pop world of Charli XCX. She knows how to blend new sounds with personal yet relatable lyrics that get you hooked after a few listens. Unlike previous albums there’s not as many collaborations with other artists but that’s a good thing. It shows that in essence she can hold her own.

How I’m Feeling Now has something sincere about its sound that sticks around in your head wanting you to keep listening. I was drawn in willingly and pleasantly impressed. My recommendation is listening on repeat to get the full effect.

Album Review By Anastasia Lambis

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