Introducing SULT, the project of Wollongong twins Cori and Paige York. The duo are thrilled to unveil their second single, Gaslight – an honest and gripping sonic reflection of an emotionally abusive relationship. Gaslight was produced and engineered by Jack Nigro (Middle Kids / DMA’s) at The Grove Studios, and is written about Cori’s personal experience with what she describes as a “descent into madness”.

SULT is the free spirited, tell-it-like-it-is brainchild of Wollongong born twins Cori and Paige York. The duo meticulously craft sweet yet sharp indie dream pop, marked by their powerful and often painfully honest lyricism, emotive harmonies, and immersive and atmospheric instrumentals. The band give a greater insight to Hi Fi Way about their music.

How has the lead up to your new single Gaslight been?
The lead up to Gaslight’s release has been a mix of emotions. We put everything we had into this song. This song being such a personal song for Cori, we took extra time and care when producing and recording. Now that it’s finally ready for release we’re so excited to share it with everyone.

Tell us about the process of creating the song.
Cori – I was actually in the middle of writing another song, but the melody for Gaslight kept popping up into my head. I had to put the music I was in the middle of writing aside so I could write Gaslight. As I was writing Gaslight I was in the middle of a relationship breakdown and my head felt so clouded. This song really helped me put things into perspective and reflect on what I wanted, and how I wanted to be treated in a relationship. It’s probably one of the easiest songs I’ve written.

Sonically, how would you describe SULT, and has it evolved between releases?
Our debut single Caroline featured a lot of layering to create deep and emotive textures. Gaslight is more tapped in into a tonally rockier and rawer vibe. Both songs, while different, both also into our dream-pop vibe, characterised by synths, reverb and delay etc.

Who would you consider to be your biggest influence on music and why?
We both have a great range of musicians we love. I think it all started when we were six and found the CD player along with our dad’s CD collection. We would listen to Ben Harper, Smashing Pumpkins, The Clash, Sum 41 and too many others to mention. We used to watch the Bohemian Rhapsody part on Wayne’s World over and over again. When we got older and started writing music ourselves we were very much influenced by artists such as The Strokes, Jeff Buckley, City and Colour, Coldplay, Mark Ronson, Lily Allen and Florence and the Machine.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
It’s not advice per say but there’s a quote by John Green. “Some people have lives; some people have music. And that really resonated with me. Music is a lifestyle, it’s not something you can do half-heartedly.

Can you tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds, and how SULT came to be?
We grew up playing music together as kids. We started with pots and pans and moved on to playing actual instruments when everyone got sick of us taking the kitchen utensils. We grew up playing music with our friends in a band all through primary and high school, and even after. We’ve never stopped playing music but finally found our sound when Paige wrote Caroline and Sult was born.

What would your dream tour lineup be?
The Strokes
Florence and the Machine
Arctic Monkeys
The Kooks
Middle Kids
Vera Blue
Meg Mac
Lime Cordiale

Tell us an interesting fact about yourselves?
We are amazing at two man roley poleys.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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